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Caring for your skis and snowboards

Hopefully you’ve already pulled your ski and snowboard gear out of a long summer hibernation. It’s now time to start thinking about tuning up your gear and getting ready for the season. As with tools and instruments, taking good preventative care of your ski and snowboard gear may help prolong your time enjoying it. Keep… Read More

Jan 31 snow at Breck

Wearable ski tech: 3 things to bring

The ubiquity of smartphones means that almost everyone these days is carrying powerful computing technology in their pocket. On the mountain this amounts to having a vertical feet tracking, trail mapping, video-taking device already at your disposal. When you’re planning to ski, I recommend bringing these four accessories so you can take the capabilities of… Read More

Peak 6 will open soon!

Where the Peak 6 trail names at Breck came from

Peak 6 at Breckenridge introduced nearly 550 acres and over three dozen new trails during the 2013-2014 season. Over 1,800 guests submitted trail names that “Awaken Their Sixth Sense” in a contest and 25 were chosen. What are the meanings behind some of these names? Beauty was a common theme but some names suggested spirituality,… Read More

Breck Spring Break

How to save money during spring break in Breck

One of the best parties to celebrate spring break is a few weeks away: Breck Spring Fever 2014 kicks off on March 22. Here’s a few ideas on how you can save some money during spring break in Breck: Buy lift tickets in advance Before you head up to Breck, be sure to visit breckenridge.com… Read More

The wine-lover’s guide to Breck

There’s not much to “whine” about in Breckenridge right now. We have tons of snow on the ground and plenty of days left in the season. That said, sometimes it’s nice to relax in the afternoon with a nice glass of wine. Here are some great spots in Breck you’ll be able to find great wine…. Read More

Ullr Fest in Breck

What you need to know about Ullr Fest in Breck

*Editor’s note – this blog has been updated to reflect the 2015/16 Ullr Fest dates and info. Keep checking back for more details!  It’s that time again: the festival dedicated to Ullr, the “Patron Saint of Skiers,” will take over Breckenridge from Wednesday, January 13, 2016 through Saturday, January 16, 2016. Who is Ullr and… Read More


The science of snow forecasting and reporting at Breck

There is at least two sides to every story and in the case of snowfall we’re most interested in both the forecast amounts and the actual measurement. Here we’ll see how both disciplines can be measurable and precise, yet challenging to interpret — specifically at Breck. Snow Forecasting Snow forecasting, just like with any weather,… Read More