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Be more like Isak Heartstone: Safely recreating from home

We’re doing our part and staying apart. We ask you to do the same. Colorado is currently under a “safer-at-home” order with a 10 mile travel cap. While the outdoors is our passion, please review your local and state guidelines before diving into our tips below.

Are you getting cabin fever? Are terms like “unprecedented,” “social distancing,” and “breaking news,” seeping into your dreams and under your skin? Then it’s time to shut your laptop, let go of the internet trolls, and focus on the one troll who truly gets it – Isak Heartstone, Breck’s 15-foot tall troll sculpture. We have many beloved local idols in Breck, but none who are rocking this quarantine life so perfectly as that big ‘ole, woody troll. Isak was living the socially-distanced life long before it was cool. Happily isolated in the woods and appropriately set back from the trail so as not to crowd anyone, Isak has been enjoying his surroundings safely for a long time, and wants to encourage you to do the same. Here are a few ideas to get you started from wherever you call home, from Isak Heartstone’s woody alcove to yours. Remember to check your state and local government guidelines before heading out.

Lace Up Those Boots – If your government guidelines allow, throw on your favorite mask, pick a trail wide enough to be Isak-approved, and head out for some fresh air and exploration. If you can’t quite escape the screen, you could always pack up your laptop, find a quiet spot outside, and really bring new meaning to “working remotely.” Colorado, remember to only travel within 10 miles of your home.

Dine Al Fresco – Many of our local restaurants are giving residents a break from the kitchen and still serving favorite options via carry-out (check out this list from the Summit Daily if you’re local to Breck and need inspiration). So, dust off that picnic basket, pick up your favorite meal, or beverage, and head out for an old-fashioned trail-side or riverside picnic. Enjoy a feel-good meal and feel good about supporting a local business owner in your community.

Rig Up Your Rod And Explore The Waterways – If you call Colorado home, this is a perfect time to practice technical fishing skills on your nearby river or lake. With a few more weeks before Colorado runoff kicks in, the river levels are stable and the water is running clear all day – so remember to be stealthy and match the hatch. You might just land a nice little brown or rainbow trout to round out the day.

Practice Camp – You don’t need to go any further than your own backyard for a camping adventure. This is the perfect time to clean up and test your gear for the season. It’s also a great excuse to teach the kids camp rules, get them out of the house and away from screens, and ease any newbies into a first night sleeping in a tent. A night of s’mores, campfire stories, and a thick layer of everyone’s favorite smoky perfume awaits. Bonus: if things go sideways, you can just go inside.

Ride The Trails – Gas prices may be low, but let that truck enjoy an extended spring break in the garage. Trails and roads are warming up and there are plenty of sunny days in store to go exploring on two wheels. If there were a big enough bike, you can bet Isak Heartstone would be cruising in no time with the wind in his willows and not a care in his heart.

As our communities work through these new times together, remember to follow the guidelines of your state and local governments. No matter where you live, let’s try to be more like Isak and remember to keep smiling and embracing our own backyards.

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