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Ski & Snowboard School Insider: Tips from a Breck Instructor

Breckenridge Peak 8 Kids Ski School Supervisor Lexi Dolan grew up skiing between Aspen, CO and Kirkwood, CA. She learned to ski with Aspen/Snowmass ski school at age 3 and progressed through lessons until she was 14. Here, Dolan shares her top tips for ski school success.

How do parents find the right type of lesson for their child?

We offer two different types of group lessons. We offer a quad squad lesson, which is set up with one instructor and a maximum of four kids. This lesson can be any level and can be for ages 4 to 6 or 7 to 14. The quad squad has become more popular over the years because of the smaller group size, the kids and instructor eat lunch on the mountain in one of our dining facilities, and we also offer extra activities throughout the day. For example, meeting the avalanche dogs, having a photo shoot while skiing and learning about lifts.

We also offer our normal group lesson for 3 year olds, ages 4 to 6, and ages 7 to 14. We try to max our classes for 3 year olds at 4 kids, for 4 to 6 year olds at 6 kids, and for 7 to 14 year olds at 8 kids. I think that if a family is looking to get the most bang for their buck, the quad squad lesson is going to be the best choice. They will be in smaller group sizes and the bonus activities make it a super fun experience for the kids.

Can you share three reasons to book a kids group lesson?

  1. Ski school is a great opportunity for kids to learn to ski in a group environment rather than just with mom and dad.
  2. Children will learn from instructors who have gone through training and certifications to teach skiing specifically to children.
  3. Ski & Snowboard School has a large focus on safety and our instructors are trained to choose the correct task on appropriate terrain, keeping kids safe throughout the whole lesson.

Why are structured lessons a more efficient way to learn than having a parent try to teach their child?

We have seen over the years that children learn better and faster while having someone who is not a family member teach them. We see children that come to Ski and Ride School who have been over-terrained and over-leveled by parents.

This can cause fear and setback with the kids. At ski school our instructors are taught how to properly level children and how to teach appropriate tasks on appropriate terrain. It helps keep a more positive learning environment and keeps the confidence levels higher.

How can kids get the most out of their group lesson at Breck?

  1. Come prepared for all types of weather. Bring gloves, goggles, face mask, long underwear, and a waterproof coat and pants. There’s nothing worse than being cold during your lesson.
  2. Listen to your instructor and the instructions they give you.
  3. Keep trying even if you fall. Falling down is a part of learning.
  4. Introduce yourself to other students and make some ski school friends!

Find the right lesson for your little ones and inspire a lifelong love for the mountains.

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