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Breckenridge Locals Share and Tell

We all love the inside track, secret stashes and little glimpses into the lives of year-round Breck locals. Here, the following powder hounds—who happen to be incredibly successful Breckenridge business owners and entrepreneurs—let loose on their ultimate Breck recs.

Anna Higgins, owner of Higgles Ice Cream

Your powder day go-to? Back side of Peak 10, hike Lake Chutes, Peak 6 trees.

Favorite run at Breck? Windows

Favorite après in Breck? Giampietro’s for pizza and beer!

Top spot to eat on the mountain?
Vista Haus on Peak 8. I order The Epic Burger or the chili.

Favorite winter activity (other than skiing)? Snowshoeing

Favorite shop in Breck? Joy of Socks

Best insider tip? Go around the mountain and discover new places rather than staying on the most common runs. Look off of Main Street for more great options for food.

Breckenridge in three words? Comforting, magical, hamlet.

Scotty Boshaw, owner of Ember

Pow day go-to at Breckenridge Ski Resort? I’m not divulging my favorite, BUT Whiskey River is fun to carve.

Favorite run at Breck? Cimarron top to bottom or Corsair tree run.

Best après? I throw down a Ripley and fries at Empire Burger or I hit Ember for lobster enchiladas at Euphoric Hour.

Favorite winter activity other than skiing/riding? Dog sledding is great exercise and a playful way to bond with canines in the woods.

Favorite shop in Breck? Visit Petey Goat and Jenny Goat for mountain style guidance at the Mountain Goat.

Any insider tips? Get lost in the woods. Listen to the wind and smell the trees. And get a City Market value card.

Breckenridge in three words? Outdoor, playground, dedication.

Ashlie Weisel, owner of The Groovy Moose

Your powder day go-to? I head straight up Peak 8 and love to catch Rounders and Dukes runs!

Favorite run at Breck? I love all the runs off Imperial chair.

Happiest happy hour? Kenosha, hands down! We get the hummus plate, pretzels and beer shrimp. Careful with the Long Islands!

Top spot to eat on the mountain? Sevens; I love their nachos.

Favorite winter activity other than skiing? Snowshoeing.

Favorite shop in Breck? The Groovy Moose. I’m a little biased.

Insider tips? Hit the mountain on a Tuesday. And enter Clint’s Bakery and Daylight Donuts from the back doors—you’ll feel like a local.

Breckenridge in three words? Drink more water!

Rick Asher, owner Pup’s Glide Shop

Your pow day go-to? Go stand up at the T-bar and wait for it to open. I wonder how many hours I’ve spent in line at the T-bar and waiting at Imperial chair. I like to ski Magic Carpet to Art’s Bowl. Surf the wave all the way down there.

Favorite run at Breck? Let me tell you a story. Before they put Imperial in, I really liked skiing Contest Bowl. I proposed to my wife at the top of Joker on April Fools Day. It was a powder day. I’m at the top of Joker in the trees on one knee professing my love. In the meantime, all my buddies are skiing by yelling and laughing. So, Joker is a run that’s special to me.

Favorite après? I’m a big fan of Fatty’s. I’ve been here since ’79. Moved here when I was 18 from Minnesota. I had a job as a dishwasher there before I was legally able to drink. I’d get a free meal, a pitcher of beer and $35 bucks. I had it made! Everybody is over 50 that goes there now. If we’re having a meal, the rueben is really good. I love their pot stickers and the daily homemade specials. The gyro is so good.

Top spot to eat on the mountain? Nah. I spend two or three hours up there max. I usually have something to do. I don’t stop to eat. I get in and get out. Let’s maximize our time. There’s no sense in standing around.

Favorite winter activity other than skiing? I played hockey up here for a long time. Skating is always a good time.

Favorite shop in Breck? Joy of Sox. Because they have so many eclectic gifts and goods. Besides my ski shop, the Mountain Goat is great too.

Insider tips? Drink a lot of water. Eat some bananas. Don’t count the days. Make the days count.

Breckenridge in three words? What a hoot.

Uriell Carlson, registered dietitian nutritionist and founder of Inner Wild Nutrition

Your pow day go-to? Wake up with coffee and a hot breakfast cereal then take the bus from my house to the resort for a few runs. After a break for lunch, I’ll get home and take my dog out for a ski-tour or cross-country ski, because he loves powder days just as much as anyone else! 

Favorite run at Breck? The trees on Peak 10. 

Best après? Twist. I get whatever special Mike Pavsek at the bar is mixing up because it’s guaranteed to be good, or I’ll be my true self and get a hot tea.

Favorite winter activity other than skiing? Early morning ski tours with my dog and a group of lady friends.

Favorite shop in Breck? DonLo Mercantile for all the most beautiful mugs, home accessories and dog snuggles from Niz the giant malamute. And Mountain Outfitters for all of my winter gear needs.

Best insider tip? Be kind and you will receive kindness in return. 

Breckenridge in three words? Home, adventurous, special.

Joe Howdyshell, head coach and culture keeper at Gravity Haus

Your pow day plan? Wake up and skin up the resort from 7 to 8 a.m., grab a breakfast burrito and tea at Unravel Coffee, and then hit the lifts. 

Favorite run at Breck? Contest Bowl

Favorite happy hour? Cabin Juice, drinking the “No, it’s a cardigan, but thanks for noticing.”

Top spot to eat on the mountain? Big fan of the chili at the Overlook restaurant.

Favorite winter activity other than skiing? Sitting by the fire and watching it snow.

Favorite shop in Breck? Mountain Outfitters! 

Insider tips? Download the Breck parking app, or the Breck Freeride app. And if you tip your bartender well on your first round, they’ll treat you reaaaally well.

Breckenridge in three words? Home sweet home. 

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