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2018 – 19 Season Recap

Best season ever? If you made it to Breck this winter you might just agree!

Breck kicked off winter two days early marking the earliest opening in more than a decade. We recorded 110 and inches of snowfall from mid-October through the end of November making it the snowiest early season on record. Sitting around the table this Thanksgiving, we gave thanks for powder.

We prayed for snow and Ullr delivered – more pow and more broken records. T-Bar and 6-Chair had their earliest openings in more than 10 years, Peak 6 and Peak 10 had their earliest openings EVER! This marked the earliest opening in history of all Five Peaks at Breck just in time for an incredibly snowy Holiday Season.

As we rang in the New Year, winter endured and continued to produce unforgettable conditions through March. 2019 was Breck’s snowiest March on record with five days of double-digit dumps. It was hard to even think about using the word “spring” as we celebrated powder day after powder day.

With such an amazing winter, it seemed crazy to call it quits in April and Breck announced extending the season through Memorial Day. Spring Finale delivered exactly what we were expecting, incredible conditions, sunshine and the perfect vibe to wrap up the season and get us stoked for next…

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