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Hike-to Terrain: Peak 9

When I moved here in 1995, Peak 9 was the place to be – that’s where the snowboard park was and the gondola hadn’t been installed yet.  Without a gondola, the easiest access to the mountain was the base of Peak 9.  One spot on Peak 9 keeps me coming back, E-Chair.  E-chair offers inbounds hike-to terrain.  I like to call it nature hike terrain, it makes the hike seem more like a walk in the woods instead of an uphill battle to the top.
When you get off E-Chair you can either choose to ride below the chair on multiple steep runs or you can go left and access the nature hike terrain through the access gate, I always choose the nature hike.
Once you head up the hill through the gate you’ll see great views of peak 10 behind you and within 10 minutes you see fresh untouched pow fields waiting to be ridden, you just have to get there.

There are 3 main runs on this nature hike, The Windows, Twin Cutes and The Back 9.  The farther you go the more likely you are to get fresh snow.  Drop into any of these three runs and it brings you out into a winding drainage, which happens to be one of the funnest tree runs on the mountain.  I love going here when its dumping, it gives you the feeling that you are in Gnarnia.  It’s a magical place on the mountain.
Once you come out of the Gnarnia woods, you’re back to regular Breckenridge magic.  It drops you off right back at E-Chair and you get to go up and experience it all over again.  The nature hike terrain on Peak 9 is by far my favorite run mid mountain. Next time you find yourself on Peak 9, try this hike for yourself.

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