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Breck’s Avy Dogs : Meet Loki



Meet Loki, a 9 year old sweetheart and canine member of Breck Ski Patrol. Loki’s human counterpart, Bob Nothnagle, told me, “She is a mixed breed and we don’t know for sure, but we always say Lab/Heeler/Pit mix.” Loki was adopted from Denver Dumb Friends League at six months old and began training for her Avy Dog career just six months later at one year old.







Bob has been an integral part of Breck Ski Patrol for the last 25 years. As for Loki, Bob said, “This will be our 10th year of working together. Avalanche rescues do not happen very often, but we have been deployed on 3 rescues in our time together.  2 we were flown in on a helicopter and once we drove to the scene.”






Bob credits Loki’s success as an Avy Dog to her high prey drive and desire to hunt for a reward. Bob and Loki train for rescues but Loki’s time is often spent being an ambassador for Breck. She is full of love to give for both people and other dogs. She’s even known to make appearances in offices asking for belly rubs.


“We enjoy going on big hikes together in the summer or cross country skiing in the winter. Loki really prefers the winter season since she loves snow and cooler weather.”




Here’s Loki in action during an avalanche drill at Breck Safety Week.

Come find Loki at Breck this season. See ya on the slopes!

– Alex

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