Welcome to Breck

Introducing The Breck Effect

You know the feeling well. You load up the car and head for the slopes. The anticipation and excitement builds the closer you get to the gondola. Those ski legs are itching to glide down the mountain and you walk up to the Colorado SuperChair. You laugh and share stories of seasons past on the way up. Look back at the Continental Divide in all it’s majesty.

Yep, you’re here.

You feel it. The contagious energy. You’ve got it. You know you’ve caught The Breck Effect.

Breck is a place where you  go to feel alive. The moment you arrive you feel a contagious energy, an up-for-anything vibe, and a fun-loving sense of adventure that calls out the freedom-seeker in all of us. It comes from a unique combination – our majestic high alpine terrain that serves up mega doses of inspiration, our true mountain town, complete with a community of locals who actually live here, and a passion that comes from our people…a passion that effects everyone who experiences Breck.
And while Breck’s mountains, town, and people are why freedom-seekers flock to this place, it’s only a part of why you come. The real takeaway from time spent here, is how our energy makes you feel—invigorated by real social connections, inspired by the freedom to be yourself and empowered to achieve more than you imagined. These are the rewards of adventure at Breckenridge.Our energy is contagious.Catch it.

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