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How to dress for summer in Breck

Couple Hiking in Summer at Breckenridge

High country summers are pretty epic — endless sunshine, greened-up mountainsides, bluebird skies, mild temps, flowing rivers, and that oh so sweet scent of pine needles warming in the sun.

VailResorts_BRK3730_Aaron_DoddsThe kicker? Mother Nature’s fickle ways. Clouds roll in, an afternoon shower stops over, even the occasional summer snowflake has been known to come to the party.

Use these Breckenridge summer style tips to ensure you’re dressed and ready for anything.

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Mountain style – The essentials

  • On trend – Water and sunscreen are two of summer’s hottest accessories. Chapstick with sunscreen is gold.
  • Shades – 300+ days of sunshine a year and high altitudes mean your eyes are exposed to some serious rays. Protect those peeps and make sure the kids wear sunglasses or hats too.
  • Rain gear – Afternoon showers roll in and roll out. A light windproof rain jacket is a smart bring-along no matter what the forecast says.
  • Layers – Colorado fashion is all about the layers. Temp shifts are sporadic, meaning shorts and a tank in the morning move to a long-sleeved fleece or sweatshirt and hiking pants in the afternoon, and even a stocking cap and wool socks in the evening. Lots of vents and zippers make cooling off and warming up easier.
  • Footwear – Durable, but comfortable shoes are key to exploring the high country. Nothing with heels. Sneakers or supportive and non-blister-causing hiking boots are best.

Dress for the activity

  • VailResorts_BRK4740_Bob_WinsettHike – Average daily summer temps hover around 75 degrees. Dress in layers (see above) and stuff a rain jacket, extra layers, sunscreen, bug spray and lots of water in a backpack. A hat made with breathable materials is smart
  • Swim – Bring a swimsuit to enjoy the hot tubs and heated pools. Slather on that sunscreen, even if it’s a little cloudy.
  • Ride – If you’re horseback riding, a solid pair of worn-in jeans will make the trot more comfortable, along with boots and a hat for shade.
  • Adodds_20130723_BRK_MB_00098Bike – Wear clothes you can move and sweat in. Moisture-wicking tops, shorts and socks are important and biking gloves will prevent blisters on those downhill treks.
  • Chill out – Sandals and a good pair of sunglasses are must-haves. Other than that, anything lightweight and comfortable goes. Even going out to a nice dinner is a casual affair. No one will blink twice if you wear sandals and shorts or jeans to a Breckenridge restaurant.

View the latest Breckenridge mountain weather report when planning your next summer adventure.

– Lisa Pogue

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