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Epic Discovery Alpine Camp

Epic Discovery Alpine Camp


Located at the top of the Colorado SuperChair, Alpine Camp consists of many new activities for all to enjoy.  To reach Alpine Camp, one must take a scenic ride on the Colorado SuperChair and once you are on your way up, don’t forget to turn around for the view.


As you ride up the Colorado SuperChair, the first thing you will see will be the Gold Summit Climbing Wall. Everyone will love testing their climbing ability on this forty-foot tall permanent climbing structure. With many climbing routes for all skill levels, who’s ready to reach the top of the Gold Summit.



Located at the base of the Horseshoe Bowl, the Interpretive Trail is where you can learn about Breck’s high alpine environment, flora and fauna, impacts of the gold rush and more, on this 0.75-mile interpretive hike. Stop and look a photos, fun facts and descriptions on Story Stakes or test and see if you are as agile as a fox or feel the bite strength of a beaver as you take a leisurely stroll around. Remember to stop at the Vista Overlook for that perfect photo opportunity while on the trail.




With 15 different challenges, from lightly swinging logs to shoe-to-rope balancing maneuvers to test yourself, the Alpineer Challenge Course will be an experience not to miss. Open to teens and adults, this one-of-a-kind course blends in with the surrounding environment of the new Alpine Camp and offers shade for those who want to observe the fun.

Get ready to experience Breck in a new way. For more information click: Epic Discovery


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