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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Breck Guide: Randy Brooks

“The Greatest Of All Time,” a “Mastermind,” the “Godfather of skiing and teaching,” the “complete package,” “nothing rattles Randy.” These may sound like film reviews, but it’s just what people say when they know Randy Brooks. The esteem in which the Breck Guides hold him is unmistakable, and he has been a true mentor to… Read More

Breck Guide: Matt Belleville

You don’t want to get into a game of “who’s been skiing longer?” with Matt Belleville. He is a guy who has literally been on the slopes since he was in-utero. He quickly went from mom’s belly to dad’s shoulders and transitioned to his own pair of skis by 18 months old. He’s been ripping… Read More

Breck Guide: Patti Banks

“How lucky are we right now?” Patti shouts over another rumble. It’s something she has thought to herself frequently in the 30+ years she’s spent in the mountains of Colorado, but today in particular it resonates. She and Jenny, her friend and client for the day, sit out on a ledge overlooking one of her… Read More

8 Tips for Women’s Ski Week

Skiing is not always easy, but it’s a rare opportunity to experience the mountains and all of their grandeur. There’s the gear, there’s the perfect layering balance to stay warm but still be comfortable, and there’s the logistics of getting yourself (and potentially your family) where you all need to go. It doesn’t have to… Read More

Women’s Camp is For You – No Really – YOU!

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows” Ralph Marston I am so glad I took the three-day Women’s Camp at Breckenridge Ski Resort and I want you to feel this way too. Besides the many pleasant surprises that came with the camp, my skiing improved tremendously and it was a blast. No matter… Read More

Kid’s Base Camp at the Peak 8 Fun Park

Breck’s Epic Discovery welcomes summer with activities focused on Breck’s youngest guests at the Kids’ Base Camp, as well as the fun favorites that bring guests back year-after-year. Kids’ Base Camp at the Summer Fun Park will offers attractions for children weighing between 30 – 100lbs., including a small kids zipline, kids challenge course and… Read More