Welcome to Breck

Meet The Breck Guides

Patti Banks

Patti always knew she wasn’t meant to work indoors. She got her start as a raft guide, then took a life-changing Outdoor Leadership Training Seminar that taught her backcountry leadership. Read more about Patti.





Matt Belleville

Matt has been on the slopes since he was in-utero. He went from mom’s belly to dad’s shoulders, to his own pair of skis by 18 months old. He’s been ripping ever since.
Read more about Matt.





Randy Brooks

Bitten by the ski bug, Randy and five friends loaded up their Pinto station wagon and headed west after college. He landed happily in Breck, where he has remained ever since. Read more about Randy.





Steve Edberg

In the late ‘80s, after a chance encounter and life-changing ski day with industry pioneer, Junior Bounous, Steve left Arizona to pursue a career on the snow.
Read more about Steve.



Kevin “Spag” Eddy

Kevin grew up skiing in the Black Hills of South Dakota, skied throughout his college years in Wyoming, taught ski school in New Mexico, and ran his own ski school back in South Dakota. Read more about Kevin.





Taylor Gordon

As an aerial firefighter, Taylor has flown airplanes through wildfires. After a Forest Service plane crash, he reevaluated his career and landed on the peaks of Breckenridge. Read more about Taylor.




Patrick Guilbert

Patrick spent his early winters earning turns and teaching ski racing at Wildcat in New Hampshire. His path to living and guiding in Breck wasn’t a straight one or a short one but, in hindsight, it was always a clear one. Read more about Patrick.



Jenn Losch

In 1972, Telluride Ski Resort opened and two-year-old Jenn was strapped into her first pair of skis. Sent careening down the mountain, she quickly developed a love of the sport and learned many important lessons from her parents along the way. Read more about Jenn.

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