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Breck Guide: Steve Edberg

Steve Edberg lived the van life long before #vanlife was cool. In the late ‘80s, after a chance encounter and life-changing ski day with the legend and ski industry pioneer, Junior Bounous, Steve left his home state of Arizona to pursue a career in the sport. He found himself balancing a life between states and seasons. He coached ski racing and instructed at Breck through the winter, and wind surfed the Hood River through the warm summer months while enjoying a relaxed existence living out of his van. He’d always known that Colorado was where he wanted to live though, and he felt a strong connection with Breck. It wasn’t long before he put down roots full time.

In 1992, Steve found himself counting his lucky stars that the Austrian ski team he was coaching was running late again. It was early-season race training, and they were always late, but that day he didn’t mind. If they had been on time, he may never have started up a conversation with the young woman scanning tickets at the base of Beaver Run. It was a Breck romance from the start, and 25-plus years later they are happily married with two grown children and a home in town that allows them to walk to work amidst the mountains every day.

Transitioning from ski coach and instructor to guide has been a natural progression for Steve, and he loves the opportunities and challenges it brings. The relationships the guide team has built with ski patrol and with each other are truly unique, and those benefits are passed on to clients tenfold. Steve’s appreciation for his team and their camaraderie is mutual. His fellow guides are quick to tell you what a valuable, enthusiastic, energetic, interesting, and intelligent member of the team he is.

If you have the chance to spend the day with Steve, it’s guaranteed to be an enlightening and unforgettable one. He loves the unique terrain offered at Breck, especially when the wind does amazing things to Horseshoe Bowl. His goal is always to make skiing new terrain less intimidating and to take you to new places on the mountain and in your abilities.

Steve has seen many things change in Breckenridge over the last 30 years, but his passion for teaching and skiing remains constant.

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