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Breck Guide: Randy Brooks

“The Greatest Of All Time,” a “Mastermind,” the “Godfather of skiing and teaching,” the “complete package,” “nothing rattles Randy.” These may sound like film reviews, but it’s just what people say when they know Randy Brooks. The esteem in which the Breck Guides hold him is unmistakable, and he has been a true mentor to many of them throughout their careers. Randy, in his laid-back style, is of course, understated about his impact on those around him.

Of course, Randy wasn’t always a ski guru. For a little while, he was just a kid growing up in Michigan who enjoyed the outdoors. That lasted until his local newspaper ran a $25 deal for gear rentals, lift tickets, and a ride to Cannonsburg Ski Area near Grand Rapids. “How could anyone say ‘no’ to that?” thought Randy. At the little resort of Cannonsburg, boasting 250 vertical feet, the Godfather got his start. From then on, he always knew he wanted to ski. By the time he graduated college in 1982, Randy had the bug badly. He and five friends loaded up in their Pinto station wagon and headed west. He landed happily in Breck where he has remained ever since.

Though he is rooted in Breck, Randy’s passion for skiing has taken him far and wide in search of powder and adventure. From heli-skiing in various South American and Alaskan locations to cat skiing throughout Canada, he is a seasoned expert in ski travel (and in having fun).

In more than 35 years at Breck, Randy has witnessed countless changes to the town and resort around him, and he has also observed changes in himself. He is always seeking self-improvement and encourages it in those around him as well. He makes a conscious effort to be more aware of the big picture and not get caught up in the minutia. Seeking this bigger, calmer perspective has allowed him to cultivate his intuition over the years, an invaluable skill in his instructing and guiding. When guiding, he values the opportunity to build relationships with clients, understand what matters to them, and provide a truly unique day taking advantage of all that Breck has to offer. If you have the opportunity to spend the day with Randy, you’ll have the chance to embrace his favorite motto: “We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time.”

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