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Breck Guide: Jenn Losch

There’s a popular saying in skiing, “there are no friends on a powder day.” As one of the friendliest people on the mountain, Jenn Losch respectfully disagrees. Characterized by her fellow guides as a “fireball,” a “character,” a “good talker,” someone who’s never known an awkward silence, and a “ripping skier,” Jenn has spent most of her life making and teaching friends with whom she loves to ski. And, as she holds safety in the highest priority, she is also pretty sure it’s just plain smart to have a friend with you on a powder day.

Jenn cut her teeth in the ski industry earlier than most. Her strongest influences and the ones who empowered her to pursue a career in skiing were her mom and dad. Her dad is a metallurgical engineer, that moved their family to a multitude of high mountain towns throughout her childhood. In 1972, Telluride Ski Resort opened, and it was there that two-year-old Jenn was strapped into her first pair of skis and was sent careening down the mountain. She quickly developed a love of the sport and learned many important lessons from her parents along the way. Her dad always made sure they were the first on a lift, the last off, that everyone had a sandwich packed in their pocket, and if they split up—everyone knew to find him in the bar at 4 p.m.

During her senior year of high school, Jenn’s family moved to Colorado Springs. Her mom was the Ski Patrol Director for nearby Ski Broadmoor, and it was she who encouraged Jenn to apply for her first job as an instructor. It was the beginning of a long and happy career working with people and sharing her love of the sport. Soon after, she made the move to Breckenridge where she has lived and instructed since 1989. In her 30 years of teaching, Jenn’s passion for skiing hasn’t changed, though her breadth of knowledge has grown exponentially.

From competing in eye-opening Big Mountain ski competitions to working with many of the industry’s greats, she still loves the opportunities that come with each day guiding and teaching. In recent years, she’s even run into ski patrollers and other industry professionals who she taught how to ski as children.

On every guided trip, Jenn’s goal is to help clients overcome fears and achieve firsts so they can go out confidently and explore new places on their own. If you have the chance to spend a day with Jenn, be ready to have fun, learn a lot, and do more than you knew possible.

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