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Supergoop! Up All Summer Long

  But first, Sunscreen Sun protection isn’t just for vacation. 90% of skin aging is caused by daily sun exposure. When it comes to sun protection, most people tend to think only about sunburns, which are caused by UVB(urning) rays. But UVA(ging) rays enter the skin’s surface even deeper, leading to signs of aging and… Read More

Summer Gear Guide 2018

Summer Gear Guide 2018 Weather in the mountains is notorious for being inconsistent and shifting unexpectedly. So when you can’t choose the conditions, choose like a pro.   Helly Hansen Since 1877, Helly Hansen has been on the forefront of innovative products.  With product built in tandem with our outdoor professionals that can’t choose their… Read More

Thanks for a great 2017-2018 season

Thanks to all of our guests, friends, family, and employees for and incredible 2017-18 season at Breck!   Here are a few of our favorite memories from the season. Shoutout to Joseph Large, Andrew MaGuire, Rory Gallagher, Clayton Trombley, Noah Wallace, and Luke Freleigh for capturing some of these moments.     We can’t wait… Read More

2017-2018 Winter Season is coming to a close

It’s not quite over but we want to say thank you to all our guests, friends, family, and employees for a great winter! Here’s the scoop on the rest of the season.               LIFTS & TERRAIN: Beginning Monday, April 16, for the final week of the season Breckenridge will… Read More

Meet The Breck Guides

Patti Banks Patti always knew she wasn’t meant to work indoors. She got her start as a raft guide, then took a life-changing Outdoor Leadership Training Seminar that taught her backcountry leadership. Read more about Patti.         Matt Belleville Matt has been on the slopes since he was in-utero. He went from… Read More

Breck Guide: Taylor Gordon

One of the most unique aspects of the Breck Guides program is the opportunity to go behind the scenes into the world of ski patrol and to learn about risk mitigation on the mountain. Who better to be your guide and to teach about risk mitigation than Taylor Gordon, a man who has flown (and… Read More

Breck Guide: Steve Edberg

Steve Edberg lived the van life long before #vanlife was cool. In the late ‘80s, after a chance encounter and life-changing ski day with the legend and ski industry pioneer, Junior Bounous, Steve left his home state of Arizona to pursue a career in the sport. He found himself balancing a life between states and… Read More

Breck Guide: Jenn Losch

There’s a popular saying in skiing, “there are no friends on a powder day.” As one of the friendliest people on the mountain, Jenn Losch respectfully disagrees. Characterized by her fellow guides as a “fireball,” a “character,” a “good talker,” someone who’s never known an awkward silence, and a “ripping skier,” Jenn has spent most… Read More

Breck Guide: Patrick Guilbert

If a passion for skiing were contagious, you’d probably catch it from this guy. Patrick Guilbert speaks about skiing and the mountains with an authentic reverence in his voice that’s almost palpable. A blue-collar boy from New England, he spent his winters earning turns and teaching ski racing at Wildcat in New Hampshire. His path… Read More

Breck Guide: Kevin “Spag” Eddy

Imagine it is the Spring of 1992 in Lake Tahoe, and in an extraordinary feat, 11 feet of snow just fell in seven days. You find yourself to be one of a handful people who has made it to Kirkwood, just as the storm breaks and the resort reopens. The other skiers there just happen… Read More