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Don’t Miss Women’s Ski Week Feb. 11-16, 2018

Have you ever been to Breckenridge Ski Resort’s Women’s Ski Week? This might be the year for you!

My palms are sweaty, my cheeks are slightly numb and I haven’t been clicked in like this in about six years. I see a decent pitch and some slight bumps scattered down all paths in front of me. My toes hang over the edge and my brain feels like it’s jumping back and forth. I can hear Patty exclaim that we all have the skills and to remember to keep facing downhill with hands out. What am I scared of? In the moment, so many preconceived fears are taking over – what if I fall? Will I slide and not be able to stop? Will I be embarrassed? Will my ski pop-off and will I have to ski down on one ski to get it?

Inching farther over the edge, I think about most athletes and how they constantly visual their routines, runs and plays – they picture themselves doing just what the task at hand is and then execute. I’ve never heard of someone alternatively being successful by imagining all of the worst-case scenarios, so I picture myself making the first turn, then the second and then the third – in control and with nothing but soft snow sprays and smooth carves under my feet.

I drop-in, knees bent, arms out and I make the first turn. Smooth. Yes! Rachel hoots and Emily yells “Nice!” I make six more turns and cut-off to the side next to Lauren who went before me. Success! It feels good to take a deep breath, let my nerves calm down a bit and get my legs to stop shaking. I just proved to myself that I CAN do something new. But, I don’t have time to relish, I have a new job for a minute – it’s now my turn to root on the others.

Breckenridge Ski Resort’s three-day Women’s Camp for ages 15 and up and all ability levels, allows the time for women to try new skills in their skiing and not be pushed too fast or be too pressured. The female instructors guide every step of the way from mental preparedness to the physical skills and answer all of the questions that come about. It’s not every day that you’re allowed to fail and try again without much consequence. The female camaraderie is a key component in this setting and has unsurprisingly led to some great friendships!

Besides a three-day Women’s Camp, Women’s Ski Week runs from Sunday, Feb. 11 through Friday, Feb. 16 at Breckenridge Ski Resort with numerous events lining the week. Women can participate in the kick-off event – Get The Girls Out Ski Day on Feb. 11 by SheJumps with complimentary guides from Breck’s Ski and Snowboard School plus $75 lift tickets if you don’t already have one (costumes/colorful outfits are encouraged!) Three days of free yoga and stretching (Base Layer Yoga by Helly Hansen) begin Monday, Feb. 12 in the lovely One Ski Hill Place hotel at the base of Peak 8 – don’t miss out on the free Women’s Ski Week swag!

From 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 13, Breck Sports will be offering women’s ski demos at the base of Peak 8. Try out new ski styles to take you from good to great. Women’s Ultimate 4 ski lessons are available if you can’t commit to the three-day Women’s Camp, and a favorite event, Women & Wine (wine apres included) takes place on Wednesday during the week. A brand-new Ladies and Lagers beer and dinner pairing debuts Thursday, Feb. 15 at the delicious 9600 Kitchen in the picturesque town of Breck and Friday culminates the week with the Park Avenue Pub apres event from 3 to 7 p.m. with female DJ, DJ Cyn. To see the full schedule of events for Women’s Ski Week 2018 and to reserve your spot now, visit www.womensskiweek.com.

What questions do you have? Feel free to write them here in the comments and we’re happy to answer.

Ski on fellow women and see you on the mountain Feb. 11-16! This is your year to take your skiing to the next level.


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