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Breckenridge – how to ski more, see more in just one day

We all wish we could spend endless time in the mountains but sometimes you only have one day to ski, play and fit in all of your favorite activities. If this is your case or if you are just a mountain go-getter, read on for tips to get ski more, see more and have the best day ever at Breckenridge. 

Preparation is key

Make a plan to make the most of your day

Get the logistics out of the way leading up to your trip so you can play more once you arrive in the mountains. Have a game plan about how you are getting to the mountain, where to park and where you want to ski first. Line up your lift tickets or pass ahead of time to save time and to get the best deal possible. Check the weather and fine tune your layering system to maximize warmth and reduce the need for extra breaks. Drop your skis and board to get tuned and waxed up before your trip so you can slide faster downhill and glide effortlessly across all the traverses. 

First tracks on Chair 6

The Early Bird gets the worm 

It’s true, early mornings are magical in the mountains. Wake up bright and early to catch a mountain sunrise and grab coffee and breakfast in town before hitting the slopes. Then head up the Gondola to catch first chair on Peak 7 or Peak 8. There is a calm, quiet beauty as day breaks on the mountain and snow conditions are pristine, from fresh corduroy to fresh powder you will not be disappointed.

Stay hydrated and snack smart

Take short water breaks with healthy snacks to keep your energy up and to stay hydrated on the mountain. At high altitude, it’s important to drink lots of water to keep the body functioning as efficiently as possible.  Head in for an early or late lunch so you miss the noon lunch rush. Grab what you need swiftly and get back on the mountain. Enjoy wide open runs and quick lift rides while everyone else is camped out in for lunch in the lodge. Stock your pockets with your favorite energy bars or trail mix to stay fueled on the hill.


Fresh snow, fresh tracks and early morning bliss

Find the path of least resistance

Conquer the mountain peak by peak, to maximize your time and elevate your mountain experience. Head up the gondola to Peak 7 and hop on the Independence Chair, from here connect to Peak 6.  Take as many runs as you like there and then move methodically onto Peaks 7, 8, 9 and 10 respectfully or do the same in reverse.  When you find a particularly good run, stay in one spot and enjoy the moment to spend less time traversing and more time shredding! Cruise into the singles lane as needed to keep moving and maximize ski time.

Take advantage of the Elevate, Explore and Go Beyond options from the Breck Guides if you are new to the mountain and make your day unforgettable with a private and curated mountain tour. 

Travel Smart

Best. Day. Ever.

Leave early, stay late — find the path of least resistance traveling to and from the mountain too.  Move against traffic by traveling on weekdays or outside of high travel times on highway. Check out the road conditions feature on the Epic Mix app to see what to expect once you get on the road.  

Have fun, stay safe and get ready for your best day yet in Breckenridge.

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