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All of Breck’s 5 peaks are now open

A few days before the holidays arrive, Breckenridge is pleased to annouce it’s gift to all Colorado skiers and riders; All five of our peaks are now open! Thanks to the combined efforts of mother nature, and our absolutely killer snowmaking team, skiers and riders will now be able to enjoy terrain across our entire mountain. Breckenridge‘s five peaks offer a wide variety of terrain. There’s absolutely something for every skier and rider, whether it’s untouched powder, an immaculate park or endless corduroy.

With Peak 6 and T-bar opening up yesterday, Peak 10 was the final piece of the puzzle. The snow message team headed up the Falcon SuperChair on a beautiful Friday morning and could see the tail end of the snow making process filling in all the necessary spots on the peaks amazing ridge-line terrain. Looking for fresh snow, the team ventured over to Spitfire, where deep drifts could be found and slashed. To end the shoot, we headed down the steep groomers of Doublejack which was perfect for deep carves.

It’s truly an amazing feeling to stand at the top of Peak 10, and look down the Ten Mile Range knowing there are thousands of acres to go and explore. Be sure to notice the Epic Mix disc signs at the entrance to each chairlift. The pins they show are a great way to challenge yourself and find exciting areas of the mountain.

The snow forecast looks amazing for next week’s Christmas celebrations. Now that all five peaks are open, go explore! Find a part of Breck you don’t venture to often, or even a place you’ve never been.

The season is underway and the snow is great. Book your trip to Breckenridge today!

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