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Smart Ways to Save in Breck


My first ski vacation with friends was what made me fall in love with Breckenridge – planting the seed to eventually make this fantastic town my home. I grew up in Virginia where one inch of real non-man-made snow was a powder day. Over a decade ago, my group of friends decided to plan a trip to go skiing in the big mountains, the Rocky Mountains, and we choose Breck. I cherish the memories from that vacation: skiing powder for the first time, getting lost on all the different peaks and trails (my home mountain in Virginia had a whopping eight trails), enjoying delicious food and drinks, and wandering around Main Street at night with string lights hanging everywhere illuminating fat snowflakes falling from the sky.

An amazing winter vacation is always priceless, but sometimes it can be pricey. Here are a few tips to enjoy your time in Breckenridge without breaking the bank:

Hit up Happy Hours

I’d like to think that most hours spent in Breckenridge are happy, but they grow especially happier between 4PM-6PM when restaurants across town host food and drink specials. Save some money and get a taste of Breck’s finer dining spots by taking advantage these apres-ski specials. Here are a few of my favorites: Twist, Relish, Hearthstone, and South Ridge.

Plan Ahead

Save time and money by buying your lift tickets in advance. You can save up to 25% by booking online. Same goes for renting skis. Spare yourself the hassle of filling out paperwork and waiting in long lines, most rental shops offer a discount if you pre-book your rentals. If your accommodations have a kitchen, consider dining in at lunch and at dinner to save even more.

Use the Free Transport

Breckenridge has an extensive free bus system, the Free Ride. A collaboration between Breckenridge Ski Resort and the Town of Breckenridge, the goal is to get people out of their cars. If you are staying in town limits, or even just outside, chances are there is a bus stop very close to you. Save money on gas and parking by leaving your car behind. If you are staying outside of Breckenridge, there is another free bus system that serves Summit County – the Summit Stage.

Do as the Locals do

International Snow Sculptures Championship

Living in a beautiful place might make it feel like you’re continually vacationing, but it would be pretty financially unsustainable to live like you are constantly vacationing. Take advantage of the beautiful area and extensive trail network in Breckenridge by cross-country skiing or fat biking, or take a hike with breathless views and don’t spend a single dime. You can also stretch your brain and check out trivia at one of the local bars. One of my favorite trivia nights is at Napper Tandy’s hosted by the one and only Rowdy Ali. There are also so many free events happening over the winter: from world-class skiing at the Dew Tour, to BreckCreate events in the arts district and the International Snow Sculptures Championship, to parades during Ullr Fest or Mardi Gras.

Organize a Group

Get a large group of friends together to cut down on lodging costs and take advantage of Breck Break between January 16 and March 11. During Breck Break the resort will be holding Pass Holder Appreciation with giveaways, events, exclusive offers and chances to get up on the mountain for first tracks. Everything is more fun with a group of friends!

Ullr Fest


Check out GoBreck for more ideas

Ultimately, these are just a few tips to save some of your hard-earned benjamins. But avoid being too cheap –  don’t sit out of experiences you really want to do because you don’t want to spend the money. Please still take care of any servers, bartenders or drivers. Memories from a great ski trip will last a lifetime, and hey, it can even change your life.

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