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How Do You Explore at Epic Discovery?

By Rachel Walker

Here’s a quiz: given 48 hours of mountain immersion, would you A – do everything humanely possible to get your heart rate skyrocketing and create an adrenaline rush to last you through the week or B – stop and smell the flowers? If you’ve been to Breckenridge before, you know those two options are not mutually exclusive.

Many an adrenaline junkie also stops to take in the view and he/she who enjoys a leisurely stroll along the Blue River may surprise you by strapping into the new Epic Discovery zip line. That said, most mountain visitors self segregate. There’s the mountain-bike-to-the-summit-ride-the-gold-coast-down crew, and there’s the scenic views-let-someone-else-drive gang (looking at you in the 4X4 off road tours). Kids, it should be noted, fall into a class all of their own, with their boundless energy reserves, penchant for climbing and getting dirty, and refusal to be tired until it’s time to walk back to the hotel.

Here’s the good news: Breckenridge has more summer activities than a person could imagine. To make it easy to navigate, we’ve split it into Thrill Seeking and Leisurely Strolling categories. Please don’t feel like you have to pick a lane and stay in it. In fact, we encourage the opposite. Now’s a great time to follow your curiosity and explore out of your comfort zone, whether that means riding the Expedition Zipline Tour—eight ziplines linking 10 towers and a 200-foot long aerial bridge walk, opening July or slowing down on a scenic lift ride.

Thrill Seekers

You like speed and motion; the more, the better. Here’s what you should do first:

GoldRunner Alpine Coaster: A kid’s alpine slide this is not. Strap into an open chair and fling yourself down 2,500 feet of elevated roller coaster track. This thrilling ride twists through hairpin curves as it plummets downhill. Riders must be 54” to ride alone. Hang on tight.

Zipline Tours: Starting in July, the Breck Flyer Zipline and the Expedition Zipline tours will whisk you off the ground and around some of the most beautiful terrain in the Rockies. Will you go fast? Yes. Will you love it? Absolutely.

Rock Climbing: The Gold Summit Climbing Wall will hone your moves and pump your muscles. With 16 distinct routes and trained staff on the ground, this is the place to dial in your skills before moving to higher consequence climbing areas. The routes range from beginner to advanced.

Alpineer Challenge Course: Exactly how good is your balance? Find out on this 15-featured, elevated route that includes a log walk, rope swings, and more. Opening July.

Leisurely Strollers

As far as you’re concerned, the only thing sweating should be your glass of chardonnay.

Guided 4X4 Road Tours: Sure it’s a bit bumpy but the jeep’s doing all the hard work as the driver chauffeurs you to some of the best scenic views of the Ten Mile Range from the tops of Peaks 8 & 7. This is a great way to see the mountain you love to ski, without snow!

Elevated Dining: Enjoy superlative views and slow-roasted pork at the regular Sunday Luau at the Vista Haus. This island-inspired pig roast includes pina coladas served out of fresh coconuts, live music, and an overall chill vibe. Looking for something a little less groovy? The Living Room Restaurant at One Ski Hill Place (right next to Peak 8 Base Camp) makes you feel right at home.

Scenic Chairlift Rides: This is exactly as it sounds. Ride the lift up, hike or enjoy the views, have a picnic and then either walk or ride down.

Pampering: Did you know massages are more restorative at elevation? Test the theory at the Rejuvenation Mini Spa at One Ski Hill Place, where experienced therapists can work out the kinks, aches, and any other altitude-induced discomforts.

Hit the Greens: Mini golf is not just for kids or grandparents. In fact, it’s rather fun to put around on the green in the cool, sunny, mountain air and simply take it all in.

For the Kids

Even if you act like a jaded teen or tween at home, or if you’re a little one just learning to tie your shoes, Breckenridge is sure to spark your imagination and remind you that summer is a time for fun.

Alpine Slide: Riders choose between three different courses, each of which are 2,600 feet long and shoot this way and that. You must be seven years old to ride alone, and kids ages 3-6 may ride with someone 16 or older.

Bungee Trampoline: Don’t tell your parents that this is just a gateway experience to that insane bungee jump you will do in 2020 while studying abroad in New Zealand. Simply smile and wave as you bounce on the enormous trampoline and get big air, park and pipe riders only dream of.

Lil’ Climber Ropes Course and Little Flyer Zipline: Why should grown ups get all the fun of flying through the air attached to cables? These two options—a ropes course and a zipline—are designed especially for little people and can only accommodate those 30 to 100 pounds. You read that right: (most) parents not allowed.

How To Make it All Happen: Step one: get to Breckenridge. Step two: Book your Adventure Pass.  Step three: Have fun.


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