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The Breck Plunge & LDOH

What a season we’ve had here at Breckenridge! Every season ceases to amaze me in many ways but this one really shaped up to be one of my favorites at Breckenridge. Lots of powder days mid-season and then leading up to a sunny spring to top it all off. It doesn’t get any better than relaxing and taking laps with friends in warmer temperatures than we’re used to from the winter.

We had a mid-week snow storm but the storm quickly brushed off to give temperatures reaching high 40’s for this closing weekend. “The Breck Plunge” pond skim kicked off this year with a pumped-up crowd cheering on the participants willing to risk getting wet and riding through a pool of water. The faster you go, the more likely you’ll reach the end but there’s always the consequence of taking the plunge!

The participants not only get points for successfully skimming the pond, but also the outfit. There were an assortment of crazy and creative costumes and of course, the best costumes are the ones that get the crowd going with lots of laughs. Some of the pond skims didn’t go so well and resembled a cannon ball jump, getting some of the viewers on the side lines soaked.

The whole season was a blast and the last day watching The Plunge was the icing on the cake. They were lots of great memories made and I can’t wait for next season. Thanks to all who made it happen! See you next November.

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