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My Favorite Peak at Breck

On one side of Breckenridge Resort, you have Peak 6 and 7 offering spectacular views that stretch across wide-open bowls. However, if it’s a deep powder day you can go over to Peak 9 or 10 and immerse yourself in tree runs to the point where you’ll never want to leave. All the peaks provide something different and there’s terrain available for everyone but Peak 8 really encompasses it all

It’s hard to pick just one peak as my favorite, but I would have to say when it comes down to it; Peak 8 is my favorite and that’s where I’ll spend most of my time on an average day. Not only is it the highest peak that is accessible by chair lift, but there’s also challenging hike-to terrain for the advanced rider or skier.

The best part about Peak 8 is a full top to bottom run with a few of my favorite things. You’ll also find the terrain park at Peak 8 and while park laps on a sunny day are awesome, having the option to ride all sorts of terrain before you get to the park can spark up a little extra creativity. Whether it’s taking quick turns in a tree gully or carving around on a wide open run, it’s fun to be conscious of edge control and speed before entering the park. 

I like to explore and check out all the different conditions that exist at Breckenridge and if I had to choose and be restricted to one Peak, I would choose Peak 8. Fortunately, that’s not the case and we get to explore it all and find out each other’s preference. What’s your favorite peak at Breck?

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