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Breckenridge Arts District – A new way to experience the mountains

Nice view of Peak 8 from the Breckenridge Arts District. Photo: Elizabeth Miller


I moved to Breckenridge from the D.C. area. Like most mountain town residents, I came here for the skiing and was thrilled to live in this outdoorsy community. But I was worried that I would miss the arts and culture I had grown up with on the East Coast. Lucky for me, this small town is anything but sleepy. In addition to the ski resort that made Breckenridge famous, our mountain town has become known for the Breckenridge Arts District, the region’s newest epicenter of creativity. This one-acre arts campus, built in the heart of Breck’s historic district, features working studios, artist-in-residence programs, live music, performance art, fine art shows, and workshops of all descriptions. It’s a special blend of history and art, and has added a real cultural element to this small ski town.


Weekly Classes & Workshops

Feel like learning something new, or honing your craft? Make sure to check the Breckcreate.org calendar to see the list of upcoming workshops and ongoing classes. I feel inspired just reading the lineup. This upcoming week features ‘Metal Smithing’ at the Hot Shop, ‘Ballet Techniques‘ at Old Masonic Hall, and ‘Mugs made of Mud for Kids‘ at the Ceramic Studio. And that’s just a few that caught my eye. There are workshops and classes going on every week, all year long, for all levels of artists. For someone like me (not particularly artsy), this gives me a chance to meet my girlfriends for a creative night out, or spend an afternoon with my son doing something different. But for a true artist, the Breckenridge Arts District has created a community of artists who have a special place, like the Ceramics Studio, to commune and create.


World Class Performances

The Riverwalk Center in Breckenridge (seats 750) is probably the best known venue in the region, and the Breckenridge Arts District has packed it’s calendar full of live music, film festivals, comedy, theatre, kids events, and fundraisers that would rival a major city.  Next up, it’s the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour (Saturday, March 3), a collection of inspiring action / adventure films. This event is part of a World Tour, but is also a fundraiser for the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center, a non-profit adaptive sports program working with everyone from blind skiers to Wounded Warriors. My favorite thing about this event (I go every year) is how it brings together a community of outdoor enthusiasts to support the arts and a great cause. Big thanks to the Breckenridge Arts District for bringing world-class events like these to town.


Signature Festivals

Want to see a town light up with performance art, evening events, and creativity bursting from its core? Come to one of the Breckenridge Arts District’s signature Festivals, and you’ll be hooked. The stimulating visuals against a beautiful mountain backdrop make this one the best venues for an arts festival. If you’re looking for a mountain vacation with some flare, come back this summer for the next Breckenridge Arts Festival:  WAVE: Light + Water + Sound. It’s a 4-day festival featuring interactive artworks, temporary installations, and musical performances all around town. Last year, my son jumped couldn’t get enough of the WAVE Pools, while I was enthralled with the music and the performances later that night. The best part about coming to Breck during one of these signature Arts Festivals – there is always something to do or see. Once you’re finished skiing or hiking, you can wander down to historic downtown for an inspiring and creative evening of fun. It’s a great new way to experience the mountains.



The Wave Pools, at the WAVE Festival. Photo: Liam Doran, Breckcreate.org


The Fuqua Livery Stables, a renovated historic structure in the Arts District.  Photo: Elizabeth Miller


Artist working in the Ceramic Studio. Photo: Elizabeth Miller

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