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9 Reasons to Attend Breck-Pride Week

Breck-Pride, the five-day festival to celebrate diversity at Breckenridge, draws a fantastic, enthusiastic crowd. This year, Breck-Pride kicks off on Wednesday March 7. Here are nine reasons to attend.

Top Reasons to Attend Breck-Pride Week

  1. Spring Skiing. Late March is synonymous with sun-drenched days, soft snow, and warm weather. (That is, unless one of Colorado’s late season storms dumps a foot of powder, a special treat). Spring skiing in Breckenridge brings out the best in everyone. After all, who doesn’t love warm sun, soft snow, and no cares in the world?
  2. Proud Pride. From the village festival to the private dinner and beer pairing (Friday night) to the Color Run Parade, and more, this packed festival promises to deliver good food, good drinks, and lots of parties.
  3. First Tracks. Assuming Saturday night isn’t too raucous, registered Breck-Pride folks can attend a first tracks/private brunch event. That means you get up on the mountain before anyone else and then dine on the mountain.
  4. Sandra Bernhard. A comedian whose wit and intelligence are always on full display, Ms. Bernhard will perform Saturday March 25 at the Riverwalk Center. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the curtain rises at 8. Click here for tickets.
  5. Breck’s Famous Nightlife. You don’t need a pride festival to attend any one of the town’s famous après ski or after-hours parties, but it doesn’t hurt. Drink, dance and revel with the best of them.
  6. Color Run. Breckenridge does parades right (just ask anyone who’s attended Ullr Fest). The Color Run costume parade is one of the most creative on-mountain events held annually.
  7. Lodging Deals. Go easy on your wallet by booking one of the Breck-Pride lodging deals, with rates starting at $189. Click here to learn more.
  8. Get Schooled. Our top notch instructors at Breck’s renowned ski and snowboard school are among the industry’s best trained, most patient instructors. Whether you’re a novice looking to get off the bunny slope or an expert in search of the mountain’s most challenging terrain, the pros at the Snowsports School will help you get there.
  9. Breckenridge Spirit. One visit to Breckenridge, and you’ll understand what makes this destination so special. Ours is a charming mining town turned recreation mecca. With more than 200 restaurants and shops, luxury spas and hotels, ski bum saloons, and enough downhill, nordic, dogsledding, hiking, and exploring to last a lifetime, Breckenridge is unique.

Add in the clear mountain air and the bright, sunny days, and the only potential downfall of coming out for Breck-Pride is that you might never leave. Then again, that wouldn’t be so bad.

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