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Four Legged & Famous: Breck’s famous pooches

33979I’ve heard it more than once, “If I could be reincarnated as anything, it would be a dog in Summit County.” Pooches here lead a pretty amazing life. Not only do dogs get to enjoy this amazing backyard we call home just like humans do, but Breck is also an extremely dog-friendly town.


Some might even say that dogs rule this town. There are quite a few recognizable dogs around town, some of them are ski patrol dogs, some of them are just Instagram famous, some of them are always hanging out at your favorite shops and some of them are simply adorable and awesome. Here’s a shout out to some of these pups:


The working dog


These dogs work hard and look good doing it! I’m talking about the adorable ski patrol pooches that also can help save lives. These avalanche (avy) dogs are some of the smartest, best-trained pooches out there. Sugar, a black lab, is one of the newest additions to Breck’s avy dog team. Sugar’s handler, ski patroller Rob says that sometimes when he takes off to go out of town, she still goes to work at Breckenridge Ski Resort!


Insta-famous Dogs


Photogenic dogs plus picturesque Breck equals photographic gold. Check out the adorable mutt Tanner, he is a weekend warrior that spends most of his free time in Breck. Some more Breck dogs with quite the Instagram following are @wallace.the.dood, a shaggy labradoodle, and @stormy_in_the_summit, an adorable golden puppy. If you want to ogle a bunch of dog pictures, check out @BreckDogCO, which claims to be the official Breckenridge dog gram.


Any dog at Broken Compass Brewery


Broken Compass Brewing off Airport Road is a great place to socialize – for you to meet up with some friends for a drink, and also a great place for your dog to meet up with some of their doggie buddies too. There have been times at Broken Compass where there is almost a one-to-one dog/human ratio. If you check out @brokencompassbrewing, their Instagram is covered with amazing dog pics, many of the dogs pictured are the who’s who of Breck dogs. Close to Halloween, they host Dog-O-Ween, a costume contest for your pets.



Personal favorites


We all have favorite dogs. And I am definitely biased. My two favorites are Charlie and Malone, they are the best dogs in the world. Charlie is a border collie that is as snow obsessed as many of the locals in town. Throw him a snowball and he’ll use his amazing ups to leap in the air and get a mouthful of snow. His owner, Moose, is almost as recognizable, he is a local that hosts open mic nights around town. Malone, a chocolate lab that is constantly wagging his tail is my other favorite in town. He’s the stereotypical happy dog. He loves food, balls and sticks, and is built like a barrel and has a tail like a club.

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