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Girls in the Terrain Park

After receiving so much snow in the past couple weeks, the sun is making an attempt to come back out and it’s time to get back in the park. A few friends and I got together to check out Park Lane and Lower Freeway. Riding in the park with my friends is truly one of my favorite things, but I also enjoy watching the terrain park come together. Huge thanks to Breck’s park crew for putting together a fun, progressive park.

Our crew consisted of Kiersten Higginson, Land LeCoq, Micah Anderson, Kolby Lehrman and myself. Riding with a crew of ladies is when I’m most comfortable. We all push each other, I’ll see a friend hit a feature that I haven’t hit yet and it gives me that boost of confidence to try it as well.

Kiersten Higginson Front Board on the down rail in Park Lane. Photo Credit: Chip Proulx
Sam White grabbing nose. Photo Credit: Chip Proulx

Breckenridge builds amazing jumps and having that option at the beginning of the park instantly puts a smile on my face. Park Lane has a ton of features for everyone. There’s a few boxes after the jumps that were fun and a great indicator of what speed was like in the park. After we took more laps up chair 5, we all decided it was time to check out lower Freeway. I tend to have fun on the rails that require a little less speed; like the down-double barrel and the down-donkey rail. For Kiersten and Land though, they show how it’s done with style, up the rainbow rail.

Kiersten with a lip slide on the rainbow in Lower Freeway. Photo Credit: Chip Proulx

When you’re comfortable with speed and comfortable with the people you surround yourself with, you start having true fun and that’s when style comes out. Breck’s park has a variety of features and everyone in the crew had their own unique style.

It’s easy to get intimidated of other people in the park, mainly because it’s a winter sport and we’re covered in gear. However beneath the gear, the females in the park that are genuinely having fun just can’t seem to hide their smile and I think that’s what it’s all about; contagious positivity. 

Land catching some sun on the flat rail in Park Lane. Photo Credit: Chip Proulx

I have a lot of respect for these ladies, not only are most of them dedicated and focused in the park, but they also have many aspects to themselves that compliment these attributes. All the females I’ve met out here are pursuing life with the same positive determination; some are in school, some workout, some pursue creative arts, they skateboard, work hard, and all-in-all are just really good people with interesting qualities. 

Big ups to Breckenridge for having a safe park that provides levels of progression for all of my friends, we definitely had the perfect-park day.

If you’re interested and getting out on the hill with a group of women, or participating in women’s specific ski school programs check out Women’s Ski Week, Feb. 11 – Feb.19.


Nadia Gonzales was over the moon about Breck’s newest’s jump line

The Freeway park is completely open! that means more jumps, rails and the 22ft half pipe are open! two other ripping chick skiers, Nadia Gonzales & Keri Herman we’re on hand to session Freeway:

Keri Herman, Peak(ing) 8



The freshly cut 22′ Half Pipe

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