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Breck New Year’s Traditions

2016 is coming to a close and Breckenridge is bustling with excitement for a new year. Everyone has their own ritual, superstition or celebration to ring in a fresh year and hopefully ensure good fortune. Let’s take a look at some of Breck’s traditions:

With 2017 right around the corner many people like to contemplate the future or reflect on the past. Instead, I like to focus on what’s happening now; and nothing makes me feel more present like Breckenridge’s peaks. They offer beautiful views that just never get old. My New Year’s tradition is to hike to the top. This year it was a short hike up from Imperial Express Chair to the top of Peak 8. Another year of being nestled in these amazing mountains, and I couldn’t be more grateful to observe my home from the top. I encourage you to do the same, find a scenic area that is accessible for you. Where you can focus on the present and appreciate where you are in life. Whether it’s a view at the top of a peak or just enjoying the solace among trees, I hope 2017 provides many opportunities for you to get outside and explore these scenic mountains. – Sam White


In Breckenridge, CO.

For many years as the minutes inched toward the midnight hour, my friends and I would gather by the clock tower in Blue River Plaza in the middle of Breck’s Main Street. We were not alone. Shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of others sending their libation-fueled laughter into the cold air in white steamy streams, we made new fleeting friends as we waited for the clock to change over into the next hour and year. There is no better time or place than in this gleeful swarm of mountain holiday revelers to plant your lips on those of a complete stranger. Yep. Sending off the year past and ringing in the new with a burst of intimate spontaneity is truly liberating. No obligations, no need to exchange names or numbers. Just a big wet kiss with a smile between two happy strangers. – Shauna Farnell


New Years in Breck is always a blast! I try to start my night early by catching happy hour at some of my favorite spots, namely Twist or Southridge. My group of friends usually tries to hop around to the different bars to see as many friends as possible, many who are working, and then we usually end up at someone’s house. The best part of the night is the champaign toast at midnight and some smooches from your loved ones.

But in the end, every New Year’s for me ends up being more about the day than the night. I like to spend my first day of the year skiing with friends. A big group meets up at a favorite breakfast spot, like Amazing Grace, for a leisurely morning. Then we take the gondola up, laughing, reminiscing about last year and sharing our hopes for the next year. And we let the new year sink in as we start our year with some good turns on the resort. – Carol Saade



For me, no other New Year’s tradition in Breck can top the torch light parade. I like to imagine the ski area employees carefully snaking their way down Peak 9. With only the torches to light the path, the metal edges of their skis crunch the snow, the cold air invites rosy cheeks, and with torches held aloft, they turn in rhythm down the mountain. Watching the display is mesmerizing, as a warm glow stretches from mountaintop to town, bringing well wishes for the New Year. – Jess Hoover

Over the past few Jan. 1’s  I’ve strapped into my snowboard surrounded by a mix of friends and coworkers. The fresh air usually lifts everyone’s spirits from the night before and laughter and smiles become contagious. Being surrounded by your loved ones is such a familiar and comfortable feeling yet there is an excitement about a new start that flows through the group. After riding I have to catch the replay of the Rose Parade and follow it up with a nice nap!  – Cody M


Happy New Year!

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