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Opening day brings a warm welcome

You never know what opening day is like until you get there; heading up BreckConnect Gondola today brought back all those emotions that have been stored away for the summer. Putting on gear and getting back into my winter routine is my favorite time of year. My name is Sam and this is my ninth season on a snowboard. I was born in Denver, Colo. but I was raised in Arizona. Four years ago I moved out to Summit County from the desert and now I am proud to call this beautiful place my home.

The offseason here has been a warm one and the anticipation for opening day has been a mix of emotions for us all. Seasons can be confusing but if I’ve learned anything living out here, winter will come. Weather reports, past history, and even the flight patterns of birds can’t quite predict the outcome like simply looking outside your window in the morning. That morning came yesterday, Nov. 18, with a blanket of snow to initiate our 2016-2017 winter season. I’m trusting that there will be many more blankets of snow to come and I can’t wait to share with you what adventures they will bring.


Even though the last storm brought us fresh snow, temperatures are still a bit warm and that’s OK with me because today was nothing short of a warm-welcome back from Breckenridge Ski Resort. Upon stepping out of the gondola, it was a pleasant surprise to see so many friendly employees passing out complimentary french toast sticks to all the guest. Good music with DJ DC got us all amped up for the 9 o’clock mark when the chair started running. Overall, it was a great crowd to share this event with.


15 minutes later and I’m at the top of Colorado SuperChair about to strap in and I couldn’t be happier. The weather is perfect, and everyone must have slept in because it felt like I had my first run to myself. The snow felt soft under my board and not a patch of ice anywhere. I won’t forget my first turns today at Breck and the carefree feeling that continued from top to bottom. Things got even better when I met up with my friends and continued taking runs. Solo laps are good for the soul but laughter with friends are the memories I cherish the most.


My favorite part of the day was when they played the national anthem. In that moment when I was standing in line with fellow Breck-goers, I realized how grateful I am to be apart of the snow community. Whether we all know each other or not, sharing the joy of being on snow is a contagious spirit and coming together for the same passion is powerful. Make sure to purchase your season pass before Nov. 20 and join me and the rest of Breckenridge community for more fun winter events to come! Click here for more season pass information.

Watch the Opening Day Video:

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