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Opening Day’s almost here

We have less than 60 days until we kick off the 2016/17 winter season here at Breck! Of course we can’t begin the season without Opening Day. If you love winter as much as we do, Opening Day holds a special place in your heart and presents a certain feeling every year:


The air is crisp, the snow looks inviting, and the butterflys in your stomach are going crazy. As you stand in line waiting to score your first turns of the new season you see and catch up with friends who you haven’t seen since last winter. The vibe is as good as it is infectious, everyone is ready for winter and there are only a few final moments until it begins! Your excitement only grows as the DJ spins tracks getting everyone pumped up and Breck employees clad in blue and red toss out giveaways into the crowd.




The chair begins to turn and stops in position as the crowd cheers and your friends at the front of the line hurriedly buckle their ski boots and adjust their goggles. A banner is rolled out infront of first chair and it’s almost time to load up!




Finally the first chair is loaded and the crowd begins to chant, “5..4..3..2..1!” and the season is underway. It’s a new beginning but also a return to the familiar.

Opening Day this year is Nov 11, 2016, mark your calendar. You can start planning to kick off the 2016/17 season by saving on both your lodging¬†and lift tickets by purchasing early. If you haven’t been to an Opening Day before, check out last years:



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