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First snowfall of the 2016/17 season

Aug 24 2016 – Most of us are in full denial. We’ve enjoyed a beautiful warm Summer full of camping, floating, biking and hiking. As the temps have gotten colder in the mornings we’ve thrown on another layer and thought that it was a quick cold spell and that an Indian Summer was in the making. Well on Aug 24 we got a beutiful reminder that Summer is coming to a (quick) end.

We woke up to snow atop the Ten Mile Range! A little early this year, we usually see snow closer to Labor Day (Also a reminder to get your Epic Pass by Labor Day for the guaranteed lowest price). But if you’re like us, it’s not sad to see the first snowfall of the season, our ideas of summer activities are very quickly replaced by dreams of fresh tracks on a powder day, sharing chairlift rides with our friends, lapping the Tbar and hiking Lake Chutes or the Six Senses.

Winter is closer than you think, Breck’s opening day this year is Nov 11 2016. If this snow isn’t a good reminder to start planing your trip out to Breck, then we don’t know what is. If you book by 8/26 you can save up to 25% off winter lodging! Our 96 Hour Sale is on now with rooms starting at $112.

We still have fall to enjoy but the first snow has fallen and we’ll only see more as we head towards winter!

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