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100 days until Breck opens

As we progress into another amazing summer season here in Breck, we once again find ourselves anxious to break out our skis and boards, and prepare for the upcoming winter. Today marks the exciting “100 days until we open” milestone, further fueling our desires for snowier times.

We look back on last year’s opening day with the fondest memories. Early season snow graced the mountain during the fall season and skiers and riders lined up to get their first turns of the season on relatively abundant terrain. The collective excitement amongst those in line before the lift started up was palpable. People were discussing their plans for season, let alone the day; they were sharing food and drink and jamming out to the tunes provided by Breck local DJ DC. Everyone couldn’t wait to show off their new outerwear and gear, and were even more excited to finally test them out on the slopes.

Some opening day traditions never change. DJ DC is always spinning tracks, a veteran and local are honored, and the season is greeted by a few words from our COO followed by a ribbon cutting. Epic Mix is there, giving you the first photo opportunities of the year, and the resort treats our ski season “spring chickens” to breakfast items and free Swiss Miss. All of these things come together to create an electric atmosphere, and an opening day experience you’ll surely not want to miss.

Breck’s opening day is November 11, 100 days from today. Get your equipment ready, get your friends together, and if you’re traveling from out of state, be sure to book your vacation ASAP. Starting today, save on your trip with online discounts offered at Breckenridge.com.

If you’re planning on coming more than once this season, or have an extended trip planned, you can’t go without an Epic Pass. The best deal in the ski industry is available right now on.

Can’t wait to see you guys on the slopes this November!

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