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Summer Spirit in Breck

Breckenridge is legendary for our winter activities — our slopes offer one of the best skiing experiences in the world — but as the locals say you’ll want to “come for the winter, and stay for the summer.” Here is a video highlighting the huge variety of things to do in Breck this summer — from a family-friendly Fun Park day to an adrenaline-pumping excursion on a mountain bike.

Summer in Breckenridge is special. A laid-back place becomes even more relaxed when the sun shines bright and the snow starts to melt. Guests and locals alike rejoice in the beautiful summer climate, and make the most of the time they have to spend here. One preconceived notion we always hear is; “Well doesn’t everything shut down in the summer? You guys are a ski resort after all.” This couldn’t be farther from the truth, and in fact there is a greater variety of activities to do here in the summer than the winter.

It’s quite a myriad of choices, with something for absolutely everyone traveling with you. The Breck Fun Park is a blast with countless activities for families and young adults alike. If you’re feeling the drive to be more active, the mountain also offers hiking, jeep tours, segway tours and of course mountain biking. Don’t limit yourself there though, as the surrounding town the Ski Resort is named for offers gorgeous single-track mountain bike trails everywhere you look.

The town of Breck really comes into its own in the summer. The Blue River bisects the whole of downtown, and provides opportunities to kayak, swim, float and fish. The streets come alive with travelers, and you can walk or bike your way into ample restaurants, bars, museums and galleries. There are also incredible services and business open to service any traveler’s desire, whether that be a bike or water sport rental, or even a sled-dog pulled scooter tour.

All examples provided, this season in Breckenridge is more than a list of activities you can accomplish. Summer in Breck is a state of mind in which everyone has come together in an effort to appreciate life, nature and the presence of others seeking the same escape.





Come for the winter, stay for the summer

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