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Which Summer Fun Park pass is right for you?

If you’re gearing up for a Breckenridge Summer vacation, you have to make sure to spend a day on Breck’s Peak 8, home of the Breck Fun Park. The Fun Park has tons activities, from zipling, mini golf, rock climbing, The Alpine Slide, bungee trampolines and more.

To take part in these activities you’ll need to purchase one of our Summer Fun Park Passes. Let’s go over the three different Passes:

  • Adventure Pass: Unlimited activites including unlimited rides on the Gold Runner Coaster & Alpine Slide
  • Explorer Pass: Unlimited turns through six Fun Park activities, one turn through Kids Base Camp & Gemstone Panning and one ride on the Gold Runner Coaster & Alpine Slide
  • Scout Pass: Unlimited turns through six Fun Park activites including one trip through Gem Panning

All three of our Summer Fun Park Passes allow you access to the Climbing Wall, Bungee Trampoline, Mini Golf, Bounce House, Maze, Scenic Chairlift and one trip through Gemstone Panning.

The Adventure and Explorer Passes expand the amount of activities you can participate in by adding the Gold Runner Coaster, Alpine Slide, and access to Kids’ Base Camp.

The Adventure Pass includes Mountain Bike Haul and expands the amount of times you can partake in the Gold Runner Coaster, Kids Base Camp and Alpine Slide (Unlimited!).

Now let’s run through some examples of which pass is right for different groups:

Example 1:

Breckenridge Ski Resort Funpark Summer 2007

Marty and Stephanie are excited to visit Breck for the first time with their three year old son Kyle. Stephanie is excited about going to the Fun Park and then exploring the town of Breckenridge afterwords, Marty is looking to spend some quality time with Stephanie and Kyle, and little Kyle usually lasts around half a day until he’s ready for a nap.

Which pass is right for them?
Answer: Scout Pass

The Scout Pass is a perfect choice for families looking to spend a half day at the fun park and enjoy a relaxing day in the mountains. Marty, Stephanie and Kyle can enjoy six activites at the Fun Park in the morning before heading down to check out town.


Example 2:


Diane and Eric are all about getting the most out of their time and experiences. They currently hold the record for number of times ridden in a day on multiple roller coasters across the country. They’re planning on spending the majority of their day at the Fun Park and enjoying every second of it.

Which pass is right for them?
Answer: Adventure Pass

The Adventure Pass allows guests unlimited rides on the Alpine Slide, Gold Runner Coaster and other Fun Park Activities. Want to play a few rounds of mini golf? No problem. Racing to the top of the climbing wall? How about best of three.

Example 3:

Morgans taking her 5 year old son Petey to the Fun Park for the first time! Petey is really excited about Summer Snow Tubing and Morgan’s ready to race on the Alpine Slide. Since this is Petey’s first visit Morgan wants to be able to show him a little bit of everything the Fun Park has to offer.

Which pass is right for them?
Answer: Explorer Pass

The Explorer Pass allows you to access to Summer Snow Tubing at Kids’ Base Camp and one turn through the rest of the Fun Park activities including Alpine Slide & Gold Runner Coaster. This pass is perfect for parties looking to expierince everything the Fun Park has to offer but may not be spending the entire day at the Fun Park or are looking to do each activity once.

Example 4:


Ashley is excited! She’s ready to Zipline, Hit the Gold Runner Coaster, and figure out the Fun Park Maze. She’s spending the full day at the Fun Park and is interested in possibly taking a Segway Tour.

Which pass is right for her?
Answer: Adventure Pass

This was actually a trick question! Our guided activites require reservations, so in order to Zipline and possibly take a Segway Tour Ashley will have to add these components onto her Adventure Pass by calling 970-453-5000 or in person at the the Breck Fun Park. If she’s planning on spending the full day at the Fun Park the Adventure Pass is still the correct choice, that way she can have unlimited amount of rides on the Alpine Slide & Gold Runner Coaster.

You can learn more about all of our adventure passes by visiting here, we’ll see you at the Fun Park this Summer!

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