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The 2015-2016 winter season in review

When sitting back in review, there’s no denying the end of winter is bittersweet for everyone here at #Breck. The snow is slowly melting, receding back to the colder temperatures that persist in the upper mountains. The grass has already started to sprout and flowers are making their first steps towards greeting the sun. These are nice sentiments, but we can’t help but look back on all the amazing days, storms and memories we experienced this past winter.

It seems like mid-November was just yesterday, and everyone was getting their first turns in for the season. Early winter started strong, and the resort was quickly able to open all of it’s terrain, with each Peak being open before Christmas. Dew Tour was once again an astounding spectacle, setting up the cheer for the holiday season. January and February saw some good storms, but in March the pow really started to roll in. In that month, Breckenridge received 94 inches of snow; the skiing and riding can be described as nothing less than “all-time.” The spring snow, not really letting up, gave way to the Spring Fever celebration where everyday there was something to behold. The Breck Spring Open saw its inaugural year,  while the Chili Cook Off and GoPro big mountain challenge were once again big hits with locals and travelers alike.

While this review video highlights some of the most memorable moments of this past year, there are many, many more we simply didn’t have time to feature. Cliff drops in Lake Chutes, hiking to the Sixth Senses, not to mention all the smiling faces of positive progression in ski school; each and every person that visited Breck this season will have a unique memory to hold on to, building the anticipation for the next winter season.

We get it if you just can’t get enough. Book now for next winter and save big.

Thanks so much to the snow message models, who make our video releases possible, and thanks to all of Breckenridge’s fans for making this season again, one for the books.


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