Welcome to Breck

Tips on traversing Breck

Breckenridge Ski Resort boasts five distinct peaks with their own unique characteristics to explore. Getting from peak to peak is easier when you know right where to go! Snow reporter Rachel is here to show us how to get from Peak 9 to Peak 8 easily.


From the Overlook restaurant on Peak 9, head north to the Peerless, Gold King and Volunteer runs. About halfway down the run, you will see a sign for the Upper Peak 8 Transfer. Hang a left and follow it to the Peak 8 SuperConnect midway load area. This will take you right up to Peak 8 just south of the Vista Haus.


Next time you’re needing to get to Peak 8 from Peak 9, remember these tips for an easy and seamless jaunt back to the geographical center of Breck. Be sure to check out Breck Spring Fever while you’re here with all the fun events you’ve been waiting for!


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