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Top 10 Intermediate Runs at Breck

Whether you’re a beginner who needs a new challenge after mastering the green circle, a solid intermediate skier looking for more terrain options, or an expert who just needs a warm-up run before tackling the harder stuff, the variety of intermediate slopes at Breckenridge Ski Resort will keep you and your family smiling run after run. Wondering where to start? Here are 10 shout-for-joy inducing intermediate runs at Breck.

  1. Gold King – Peak 9

    IMG_0261 copy

From the Beaver Run SuperChair, keep your speed as you cruise between the Overlook Restaurant and C Chair. Pause at the top to take in the view, and then let gravity do its thing. Get there first thing to enjoy the freshly groomed corduroy snow.

  1. Sundowner – Peak 9


Fast and straightforward, Sundowner plunges under the Beaver Run chair. Practice your carved turns and then swing into the EpicMix Racing booth to challenge your friends while you put your skills to the test.

  1. Upper Lehman – Peak 9

Kids love Upper Lehman because of all the natural jumps. Let them catch some sweet kid-sized air as they dart in and out of the trees along the right side of the trail, just make sure that they don’t pop back onto the trail in front of an unsuspecting skier.

  1. Crescendo – Peak 8

Start on Springmeier below the Vista Haus, and look for Crescendo to branch off on the left. One of just a few intermediate bump runs at the resort, Crescendo gives you the chance to perfect your mogul skills and test your quad strength on a gentler pitch.

  1. Duke’s Run – Peak 8

Duke’s starts as a black diamond, but follow Pathfinder from the Colorado SuperChair and you’ll pop out right where the trail becomes an intermediate slope. With moguls on skier’s left and a groomed slope on skier’s right, choose a new adventure each time you ride it.

  1. Northstar – Peak 8

Got some rippin’ kiddos? Ride up the Rocky Mountain SuperChair, and make your way over to Northstar which starts just below the T-Bar Hut. Cruise down the hill and slip into Rip’s Ravine for an awesome kid-friendly tree run.

  1. Claimjumper – Peaks 7 & 8

    IMG_0156 copy

With steep roll-overs mixed with mellower sections, Claimjumper is the perfect challenge for intermediate skiers and riders. Swing a left towards the bottom to head to Peak 7, or keep going straight towards Peak 8.

  1. Angel’s Rest – Peak 7

Angel’s Rest swoops and drops down the contours of Peak 7. Tree islands make it feel like an escape into a secluded forest.

  1. Bliss – Peak 6DSC_0415

Intermediate bowl skiing, thy name is Bliss. Wide open and mellow, drop in for epic turns on any day.

  1. Elysian Fields – Peak 6

A generously spaced tree run, Elysian Fields lets you leisurely weave your way through the trees as it traces the Peak 6 ridgeline.

  1. Delirium – Peak 6
    IMG_0137 copy

Halfway down Bliss, make your way through the gate opening and find yourself deliriously happy as you pick your own line through open glades that feel like backcountry skiing.

Check out the resort map to get your bearings and to see all that Breck has to offer.

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