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An Overlook favorite you’ll have to try

Are you in the mood for something hearty and delicious during your day on the mountain? There are tons of lunch options all around Breckenridge Ski Resort, but one lunch special in particular has become a favorite at the Overlook on Peak 9.

image2 (2)The turkey potpie is not only a delicious lunch, it will fill you up and give you the energy you need for tackling the afternoon’s adventures. The outer crust is buttery, flakey and sprinkled with savory seasonings. Once you cut into the pie itself, you’ll find a turkey and vegetable medley in a creamy butter sauce. The fluffy crust and the savory filling delight the taste buds for an appetizing culinary experience. Don’t be surprised if you eat the whole pie – I definitely did.

One of the best aspects about lunch at the Overlook (besides the potpie, of course) is the view off the outimage5side deck. You can enjoy a mid-afternoon lunch while checking out the breathtaking views of the Ten Mile range.

The Overlook is located on Peak 9 below the E-Chair and the Beaver Run SuperChair. It’s surrounded by tons of great trails and runs, including American, Peerless and Gold King. You’ll have endless options for skiing or riding the mountain, as it’s a convenient location to launch into the next phase of your day, with Peak 10 and Peak 8 nearby. It’s also a great location to re-connect with friends and family mid-day.

For your next day on the mountain, plan for a great lunch at the Overlook with family and friends. Be sure to take photos from the deck as well as try the turkey potpie. I promise, you’ll be glad you did! There are even more great experiences to look forward to as spring sets in, as Breck Spring Fever is right around the corner. Check out all the events and be sure to grab your lodging for your best trip yet.



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