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Breck’s Ski & Snowboard School Tips: Instructor Tommy breaks down the bumps

If you cringe when you think of going down the ‘bumps’ – then we have the video for you! Breckenridge Ski and Ride School’s Tommy Banks walks us through how to best tackle mogul runs! Tommy makes it look easy as he turns his skis flawlessly down his chosen path.
Tommy has been instructing for decades and is skilled in getting you to where you want to be on the mountain. His great personality makes your lesson even more enjoyable as you advance your skills on the bumps.

Tommy’s tips for moguls include controlling your speed as you make your way down the run. How do you do this, you may be wondering? Tommy explains that taking a wider line around the mogul is the best way for controlling your speed.

“Consider a wider line: Starting on the uphill side of the bump – or the top of the bump – reaching out with your feet to the side of the trough, then coming down to the top of the bump directly below you,” Tommy says.

This strategy helps you make a clean line and have more control, which is a far superior version compared to twisting your skis at the top of your turn and sliding down the mogul. This method also makes going down moguls more fun and easier on your body.

Taking a lesson from the talented Breckenridge Ski and Ride instructors is a great way to advance your skills on the mountain, no matter your skill level. Book a session for your next day on the mountain.

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  1. This guy is the BOSS! Nobody does it better than Tommy Banks!!! Eagles '79

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