Welcome to Breck

Breckenridge’s Walks of Life

Breckenridge is a special place for all walks of life. It doesn’t matter where you come from or where you are going. While you’re here, we all come together to create the spirit of Breckenridge. It’s more than a resort, a town, a hotel or a stunning mountain vista. Breckenridge is a collection of people, stories and dreams of being one with it all. 

Breckenridge’s rich history has been shaped by the experiences of many; those who visit briefly or those who call our historic hamlet their home. Each and every visitor has left their personal mark on this place, because the people who visit Breck adopt the mountain mentality to suite their own experience. At the resort, we’ve noticed this in a huge way, because you keep our collective story moving.

Many statements can be made about Breckenridge, and we boldly make them. Breck is a world class ski resort. Breck is an authentic Colorado mountain town. Breck’s history is steeped is wild west and ski pioneer history. All of these things are true, but what isn’t often talked about is that Breck has maintained a free-spiritedness not found at other ski resorts. Over the years other resorts strived to create an image for themselves; a way to appeal to a certain demographics. Since the beginning, we’ve known at Breck that our image is created by those who visit year over year, or for the very first time. 

Breck is a special place because we all make it special. It truly doesn’t matter where you’ve come from, what you do for a living, if you’re a quiet fireside book person or a wild night-on-the-town person. 

There’s something here for any traveler who’s looking beauty, freedom, adventure and acceptance –  and we want share it with you to keep the spirit of Breckenridge alive.

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