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Best burgers in Breckenridge


Here’s what makes a great burger: a quarter pound of grass-fed beef, seasoned lightly, grilled to mouth-watering goodness (and by that I mean it’s hot all the way through, cooked evenly, never overcooked), and served on bread that would make an Italian baker proud.

You want lettuce on that? No problem. Pickles, tomatoes, and avocado are also fine. Personally, I draw the line at onions. As for condiments: Dijon and mayo, hold the catsup. If you’re going to add cheese, make it top shelf. Nothing but Vermont or Oregon cheddar, or, if I’m feeling wild, Swiss with sautéed mushrooms.

So now that you know where I stand, feel free to argue (that’s what the comments section is for). Just know it won’t get you far. I’ve been knocking back burgers since my baby teeth came in, and I’m a born-and-bred Coloradan. I know a good patty when I see one. Which is why I completely stand by this list of where to find the best burgers in Breckenridge.


Empire Burger

Photo: Liam Doran
Photo: Liam Doran


Come for the burger, stay for the bourbon milkshake, whose appeal is obviously self-explanatory. Not that the burger needs much description. Ask any local, and they’ll swear by Empire, perhaps because this restaurant was the first real burger joint in Breckenridge. But their loyalty is not born of nostalgia. Rather, they know a succulent, satisfying burger when they see one.

520 S. Main Street; 970-453-2329


The Canteen Tap House and Tavern

Some twenty-five years ago, the guys at the help of The Canteen (George, Mike and Greg) were scamming French fries at the on-mountain restaurants and trying to keep up with the hot chicks on skis. They also honed their grill skills as cooks in a wide range of Breck’s eateries. Make sure to thank them for channeling this expertise into a modern (read: thoughtfully prepared, not sloppy) burger that will keep you coming back for more.

208 N. Main Street; 970-453-0063


Stella’s Hungry Horse

Choose your protein (beef, bison, wild game or beans) at this lovely food stand and then select from a range of sides. Stella’s buns might change your life, and the entire combo of meat, bread and fries will make you ski harder so that you can “earn” another.

327 N. Main St.; 970-485-1861


The Overlook Restaurant on Peak 9\

Sometimes (often, if you’re me), an ideal lunch break while skiing is to stop for a burger: instant protein that’s warm comfort food and will fuel the rest of your day. Fortunately all the on-mountain restaurants serve a high-quality burger, made with Colorado-raised beef, and adorned with the freshest possible ingredients. I recommend the Overlook, since it’s been completely redone with more seating and windows to optimize the view.  And those views? They’re as good as the food, thanks to the restaurant’s birds-eye location at 11,274 feet.


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