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Top 10 advanced runs and bowls at Breck

Looking for some heart-thumping steeps and deeps, trees and big fat beautiful bowls? Breckenridge Ski Resort’s black diamond and double black diamond trails comprise 58 percent of the five-peak resort’s terrain.

Here are 10 local adrenaline-fix faves:

  1. Beyond Bowl – Peak 6
    Take the Kensho SuperChair to Peak 6 and carry your skis or board on a short hike north to drop into powdery Beyond Bowl for isolated back-Peak 6bowl-style skiing down double black-rated runs Unbound or Breathless.
  1. Serenity Bowl – Peak 6
    For steeper pitches, take the same northerly hike and hang a left to plunge into extreme terrain that eventually mellows out into Bliss, an intermediate bowl.
  1. Whale’s Tail – between Peaks 7 & 8
    Ride the Imperial Express SuperChair (at 12,840 feet, it’s the highest lift in North America!) to the top of Peak 8, side-step up to the gate and swoop down the curving ridge, dropping into the powder-loaded valley whenever the urge strikes.
  1. Ore Bucket – Peak 7
    Like a gold miner’s bucket collecting the good stuff, this black-diamond stash off the Independence SuperChair hoards snow. Dip in for a secluded open-tree skiing experience.
  1. Horseshoe Bowl – Peak 8
    On any given powder day, this is where the party is. Take the T-Bar up and have your pick of double black bowl heaven. Brill’s Thrill beelines it right down the middle, while Stampede – the southernmost run in Horseshoe Bowl – offers a less intense pitch and is slower to get tracked out.
  1. Devil’s Crotch – Peak 9
    The runs from E-Chair on the north side of Peak 9 unfold like a burley dream for those who like to test their legs and lungs. This hilariously Nov 26 - 12" and Peak 9 opensnamed tight mogul trail is no joke.
  1. The Windows – Peak 9
    Make the 20-minute-ish hike to The Windows from the Peak 9 Patrol Hut and be rewarded with double black no-one’s-around narrow tree runs on a steep slope.
  1. The Burn – Peak 10
    A swift ride up the Falcon SuperChair and a jaunt down skier’s left will deliver you to the thick trees of The Burn (which is what your legs will be doing after you finish this run).
  1. Doublejack – Peak 10
    When you just wanna rip it and not concern yourself with trees or bumps, follow locals to the front side of Peak 10. These black diamond runs are wide open and lightning fast.
  1. Mustang – Peak 10
    The south side of Peak 10 is sought for its beastly bumps, surprise kickers and fluffy trees, set in an under-the-radar wonderland.

There are so many more advanced runs to choose from at Breck. Explore your favorites and check on terrain status here.

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