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Fresh snow, beautiful sun in January

It was another glorious day here at Breckenridge, with six fresh inches reported this morning, plus sunshine and blue skies to compliment. Given all the recent storms, Breckenridge’s snow totals now stand at 36 inches in the past seven days, and there truly isn’t a spot on the mountain that isn’t skiing at it’s very best.

This morning, the snow message team found some of the deepest snow in the North Bowl, and in particular the trail Forget-Me-Not which is right up against the rope line dividing North Bowl from Peak 7 Bowl. Winds blowing south last night did an excellent job of piling the white powder in the trees in the bowl, and built up some amazingly large wind lips. Perfect for getting a boost on and seeing where it takes you! The temperature has stayed in the teens at night, and below freezing during the day, so the snow is still fine grain and not sticking at all. It was beautiful to watch the sun come up while riding the T-bar this morning, which cleared away any lingering clouds and allowed Patrol to open some of the most exciting upper mountain terrain. Knowing what it was like in North Bowl, our advice would be to travel up Imperial SuperChair and slide on over to Whale’s Tale. Those south-facing aspects are loaded.

If your planning on coming up this weekend, your smart. Not only are we planning on receiving even more snow throughout Saturday and Sunday, but all of it is slated to fall at night, reseting the mountain each day like it’s a whole new winter!

There’s always a deal at Breck. Be sure to purchase in advance online to save money, time, and most importantly…pow!

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