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Ullr brings powder to the North Bowl

Well, its seems the Ullr Festivities really do work there magic. We received seven inches of powder in 24 hours, 5-6 of which fell overnight. Skiers and riders lined up early after being awoken by the sounds of ski patrol blasts getting the mountain ready for the day, and were treated to some excellent snow on the upper mountain.

The snow message team ventured to the North Bowl today, which is the area to skier’s left of Horseshoe Bowl off the T-bar. The shots in the video you see were on runs White Crown, and Forget-Me-Not. While wind had certainly blown the light, airy powder around, we found that it was holding deep in the trees. After a run we got our confidences up to hit some of the major wind lip snow that had been built up, and the landings were smooth. That doesn’t always mean the snow message team members can land their jumps, but with the fresh snow it wasn’t a problem. While this whole video was created in the North Bowl, fresh snow could be found all over the mountain today. I guess it just goes to show you what praising the norse god of snow can do for you in the middle of January. Who still has Christmas trees? Let’s burn ’em.

February has historically been Breck’s snowiest month, so there’s plenty to look forward to in the near future. In fact, next week is gearing up to bring another good chance of snow, so stay tuned to the Breck Blog, and our Facebook page. In fact, last season we received more snow February through closing than we did in the entire early season.

You want to be here for February. Just scope out some of the posts from last year, and if you need to book your trip, this sentence is conveniently blue.

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