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Top 3 Reasons to Take a Lesson After the Holidays

With the winter season’s major holidays behind us, life at Breckenridge Ski Resort is about to chill out for a bit. This is the perfect time to sign up for a lesson with the Breckenridge Ski Resort Ski and Snowboard School. Lessons aren’t just for beginners – from first-timers to folks who haven’t been on the snow in several seasons or even experts who might be looking to focus on a specific skill, a ski or snowboard lesson can help to elevate your ability level in a fun and social environment. What makes this a great time to take a lesson? Read on for our top three reasons to take a lesson during non-holiday periods.

breckenridgedew-tournickpease121Fewer People on the Mountain
This has multiple benefits for lesson-takers. Because there aren’t as many people visiting the resort, fewer people are signing up for lessons. This increases the likelihood that you’ll be in a smaller class. Your instructor will have greater opportunity to give you personalized instruction, and you’ll have more time and space to practice the skills you’re learning. For most people, this means faster progress. You might even feel less pressure, because there won’t be as many people around to notice if you goof up and fall – don’t worry, it happens to all of us!
If you’re graced with a huge snowfall during your visit, you’ll be able to hone your powder skiing or riding abilities with multiple laps through the fluff. Stashes of fresh powder are easier to find when the mountain is less crowded. Even though powder days typically attract more skiers and riders, don’t forget that in a lesson, you get to skip to the front of any lift line, even the T-Bar.

Flexibility goes hand-in-hand with fewer people on the mountain: In a class with fewer students, the instructor can more easily pace the lesson to suit your needs. For example, you might ski or ride longer in the morning before taking a late lunch. If students in the class have specific skills they’d like to work on, there’s more opportunity to explore these ideas in-depth.

Choice of Private Lesson Instructors
If you’re considering a private lesson for yourself or your friends and family, you’re more likely to be able to book the same instructor for multiple peak-9-openspark-lane36days, as their schedules aren’t as full. Remember, if you have a favorite instructor, it’s a good idea to reserve lessons with him or her as early as possible.
Of course, there is no bad time to take a ski or snowboard lesson – there are always benefits to a lesson no matter when you decide to take one. Sign up at the Ski and Snowboard School webpage and look forward to spending a day (or several) skiing or riding with people who share your ability and passion for the sport, improving your skills, and learning to navigate the mountain like a pro.

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