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Benefits of a lesson during the holidays

Taking a lesson from a Ski and Snowboard School Pro is a great way to improve your skiing or riding ability, no matter how many years you’ve been hitting the slopes. There’s always something to work on, whether it’s having the confidence to point your skis into the fall line on steeps, making quicker turns through the trees, or smoothly transitioning from your heelside to toeside. Regardless of when you visit, there are definite perks to taking a lesson. Here are our top five benefits of taking a lesson during the more social times at Breckenridge Ski Resort, like holidays or breaks from school.

  1. More time on the hill

Have you ever noticed the special Ski and Snowboard School lanes in lift mazes?  Ski and Snowboard School classes are able to cruise right up to the front of lift lines, which means you spend less time waiting to get on the lifts, and more time on the mountain learning and practicing your skills.

  1. Avoid the crowds

Adult Ski School at BreckWith five peaks spanning 2,908 acres Breckenridge Ski Resort has plenty of terrain to keep everyone on the mountain entertained. But some runs attract more skiers and riders than others. Ski and Snowboard Pros know which areas of the resort are more popular and can show you the trails in your ability level that are usually less traveled.


  1. Make new friends

Lessons are great because you spend the day skiing and riding with people at the same ability level. If your kids ski laps around you or if you prefer to ride different terrain than your friends, you’ll be in good company in the social lesson environment. Your new riding companions might even ask for tips you’d never even thought of.

  1. Learn to navigate the slopes safelyBreck Ski School

An instructor will teach you the tactics needed to successfully weave your way through other people on the slopes. For example, you might work on shorter radius turns in places where there is a higher volume of traffic and longer radius turns when the slopes are wide open.  Taking a lesson will give you the tools you need to adapt your movements based on the changing conditions on the slopes.

  1. Eat lunch like a Pro

Skiing and riding work up epic appetites, but if you head to an on-mountain restaurant at noon, you might spend a lot of time searching for a table and waiting in line for food. Your Ski and Snowboard Pro will know the best times to break for lunch and will also have a favorite spot to take you.

A few final words of advice: If you plan to put your kids in Ski and Snowboard School, make your reservation ahead of time for a faster check-in experience. And if you’re interested in private lessons, reserve your lessons as early as possible because instructors book quickly over the holidays.

Ready to sign up? Head to the Ski and Snowboard School website to make your reservation today!

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