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Peak 8 eats: re-defining mountain cuisine

Whatever you’re in the mood for after a full day of runs – or to power you up for a successful day on the mountain – restaurants of Peak 8 have you covered.

Hot Breakfast from Ski Hill Grill On this particular morning, a warm brunch item at Ski Hill Grill was flying off the griddle: breakfast burritos with bacon, potatoes, sausage, eggs, cheddar cheese, and topped with a spoonful of gravy. Or, you can omit the flour tortilla for a serving of eggs, bacon, seasoned potatoes and that same delicious gravy atop it all. Coffee drinks and hot cocoa are a-pourin’, so your breakfast will be complete with your choice of hot beverage.

Once the afternoon rolls around, you’ll start to smell the captivating scents of savory barbecue wafting from the Ski Hill Smoke House. Located outside on the Peak 8 patio, it’s hard to miss the fun smokehouse set-up. The meats are slow-cooked to perfection in the smoker, where pork, chicken and beef brisket await to be made into chef-inspired plates. The hot item of the day is the beef brisket sandwich: generous cuts of meat piled high on a toasted bun, complemented by a dousing of flavorful sauce. Pair it with baked beans and potato salad for a combo platter, and it’s a meal that’ll keep you sustained until last run.

Seasonings this season (say that five times fast!) are a bit lighter and even more savory than last season’s Smoke House lineup. Chef Nate prepares each dish to order with your choice of homemade BBQ sauce (and a smile).Brisket Sandwich Beef Brisket Cut

If you can’t make up your mind (and who can blame you?) get a few of the dishes and sides to share with friends for a family-style meal by the slopes. Nothing beats delicious plates, great rides and awesome company in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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