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Seven perks of skiing during the week

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The benefits of weekday skiing might not be as clear to visitors as they are to Breck regulars. From driving to and from Denver on i70 to a deeper appreciation of the peaceful mountain ambiance, what it all boils down to is more of what you came for – time on the slopes. Here’s why:

– Interstate 70 is a clear shot
Nothing kills a ski day buzz like bumper-to-bumper creeping between Denver and Breck. Spending the entirety of the a.m. on Saturday or all afternoon and evening Sunday in the parking lot that is I-70 on the weekends can all by avoided by skiing on week days.

– Parking spots available
Rather than wasting the time you could be ripping untouched snow weaving through rows of cars and praying for an opening, there are plenty of spots available on the week days, most likely within quick and easy walking distance of the gondola.

– No lift lines
You’d better make sure you’re legs are up for it, because they’re going to get a lot more runs in. Whereas a full day on the mountain might amount to about 10 runs if you’re lucky on a Saturday or Sunday, you can expect to double that on a weekday. Depending where you are, with the light weekday lift crowds, you could even do non-stop laps from the top of the lift to the bottom.

breckenridgepeak6nickpease161– Slopes to yourself
There’s nothing more euphoric than getting to the top of Peak 6 or one of Breck’s most magical, top-of-the-world spots, looking down over the tip of your board(s) and knowing that the entire white line is all yours.

– It snows more during the week
There is no actual science or evidence to back this up, but it certainly feels this way when you’re working all week and watching the snow report in Breckenridge tally four, seven, … 12 inches on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. Wouldn’t it be great to not have to wait until Saturday to get out in it?

– Breaking trail/powder turns at mid-day after new snow
If it there is fresh snow to be slaughtered from an overnight storm, it disappears almost instantly on a weekend, but during the week, you might be finding fresh lines and getting face shots until noon or later.

– No jockeying for free tables at the lodge
Not only does skiing during the week spare you the stress of swooping awkwardly onto a table as soon as you see previous patrons are vacating it, but you can typically find a spot front-and-center. Enjoy the table with the best view for lunch or the bench in a radiant sun beam for prime people-watching on the patio at the end of the day.

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