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Best beginner trails at Breckenridge

DSC_0024Breckenridge plays host to some pretty gnarly world class terrain – from the steep tree runs on Peak 10 to the hike-to terrain at the top of Peak 6. However, with specific learning areas, beginner friendly lifts, wide slopes, and low angles, beginners will find that Breckenridge is also home to some of the best beginner friendly terrain out there. Over 10 percent of the mountain is dedicated to beginner terrain and the main learning areas are easily accessed from the base areas of Peak 8 and Peak 9.

Peak 8 Beginner Trails

You can easily get to the base area of Peak 8 on the Breckenridge Free Ride bus or the Breck Connect gondola. The trails accessed from Rip’s Ride chair lift are a great place for beginners to start practicing some turns. This area is somewhat isolated from more advanced terrain, so you won’t have more advanced skiers speeding through this area. Dryersville has a similar pitch to the bunny hill but is longer. Twister is another mellow trail, it runs next to Freeway, Breck’s premier terrain park. You can watch some of the daredevils hucking themselves into the air off massive jumps.

Another great green run is the lower part of Four O’Clock run, a portion of Breckenridge’s longest trail at 3.5 miles long. This gentle green run can take you all the way into town, a great way to cool down and unwind after a day on the slopes.

Peak 9 Beginner Trails

Most of the best beginner trails on Peak 9 can be accessed from the QuickSilver Super 6 chair, which youpeak-9-openspark-lane30 can walk to from town. This 6-pack loads skiers at two different points, and the chair slows down significantly at loading points, making it more conducive for beginners to get on the chair. The trails here are long but manageable, with wide slopes and a low pitch. They are slightly steeper and considerably longer runs than the green runs on Peak 8 accessed from Rip’s Ride chairlift. Silverthorne features some slightly steeper pitches, like the ‘Ballet Hill’ towards the end of the run. This short steep pitch was where ski ballet competitions were held years ago. Lower Lehman stays relatively flat and meanders through the trees. Frontier runs next to Lower Lehman, but is slightly steeper.

Ski School Terrain

Ski school has specific terrain, specially groomed to make it easier for beginners to learn. There are plenty of magic carpet lifts right at the base areas.


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