Welcome to Breck

The first big snowfall of the season has landed

With the season just around the corner, every bit of snowfall in Breck helps to add excitement to the approaching start date of November 13. In only eight days, the mountain will be open once again. Snowmaking is happening around the clock to ensure the best conditions for the guests who join us for what is sure to be another unforgettable Opening Day.

Soon the lifts will be filled with skiers and snowboarders enjoying the fresh snow and seemingly endless terrain. The town is evolving from a sleepy community back into the character-rich, vibrant town that is Breckenridge. Stores are starting to re-open and people are returning to enjoy the beautiful downtown blanketed in snow. People are preparing for the winter by putting on their snow tires for any means of transportation, including bikes.

Most places become dead during the winter months, but not Breck. Here, the town opens up and becomes the quintessential mountain-town during winter. With 6 inches of fresh snow, it’s hard to continue to wait to hit those powdery slopes. Snow and Breck go hand in hand, making this place truly special to visit.

When you’re here, you’re family and whether you visit every season or this is your first time, it is sure to be an experience of a lifetime.

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– Tim de Redon

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